Business - Chattanooga Diary

FedEx grows Chattanooga footprint

Published Aug. 20 2017

Parcel delivery company FedEx Ground plans to unwrap a new $30 million distribution center next month in Chattanooga that's expected...

Carvana brings its online car buying, selling to Chattanooga

Published Aug. 19 2017

Chattanooga area residents can browse, finance, purchase, and trade-in their old vehicles online in as little as 10 minutes, and...

Test Drive: Range Rover conveys status, luxury

Published Aug. 19 2017

At base, buying a new vehicle is an expression of personal tastes — some of them barely rational.


Marriage Licenses

Published Aug. 19 2017

People you may know filed for marriage licenses in the Hamilton County Clerk's Office, Aug. 7-13, 2017.

Business Briefs: Rossville Boulevard bars penalized by Chattanooga Beer Board

Published Aug. 18 2017

Two bars on Rossville Boulevard were penalized Thursday by the Chattanooga Beer Board.

Winsett: Solar eclipse scams to avoid

Published Aug. 18 2017

There is much excitement for the eclipse on Aug. 21. What advice may BBB provide to consumers who may participate...

Personal Finance: Blockchain a test for using Bitcoin

Published Aug. 16 2017

Brother, can you spare a Bitcoin?

South Broad District's direction could be guided by planning effort

Published Aug. 13 2017

Interest in one of the key gateways to downtown Chattanooga — which includes the site of the former Wheland Foundry...

Consumer Watch: Back-to-schoolers buying tips that save you money

Published Aug. 13 2017

Today's column features stores (online and bricks-and-mortar) that have the best sales on special items for most back-to-schoolers.

Winsett: Scammers target text messages

Published Aug. 11 2017

Q. What is the new internet scam "Smishing"?

Personal Finance: Three percent growth is but a pipe dream

Published Aug. 9 2017

A commonly-held misconception is abroad in the land: cut taxes and regulation, and the economy will return to a 3...

Mall milestone: Hamilton Place execs, officials, shoppers celebrate 30th year

Published Aug. 5 2017

Megan Kibble of Ringgold said Friday that she and her friends shop at Hamilton Place mall at least once every...

New Compost House will do your composting for you

Published Aug. 5 2017

John Sweet, the founder and former owner of Niedlov's Breadworks in downtown Chattanooga, believes in composting.

Rossville to fix up duck pond park with help from Tennessee American Water [photos]

Published Aug. 5 2017

The city of Rossville plans to fix up its duck pond park — with some help from Tennessee American Water.

Test Drive: Genesis G80 full review

Published Aug. 5 2017

OK, so Genesis is perhaps not the first automotive brand that comes to mind when one thinks of luxury sedans....

Apartment complex near Hamilton Place mall sells for $40.5 million

Published Aug. 4 2017

One of the biggest deals ever for an apartment complex in Hamilton County has closed for $40.5 million as the...


Published Aug. 3 2017

These are new cases according to court records, that were filed in the Chattanooga and Winchester offices of U.S. Bankruptcy...

Business Briefs: Plastic Surgery Group moving to Riverfront Commercial Center

Published Aug. 3 2017

The Plastic Surgery Group, Chattanooga's largest plastic and reconstructive surgery practice, is relocating its headquarters to the Riverfront Commercial Center...

Personal Finance: Diversification is the final subject in our bond class

Published Aug. 2 2017

Over the previous two weeks we have discussed the various types of bonds and how they work. Last week we...

Kennedy: A Fiat 500X Pop quick spin

Published Jul. 30 2017

Fiat got its money's worth from its advertising copywriters.

Test Drive: 2017 Toyota Corolla IM full review

Published Jul. 29 2017

Props to Toyota.



Published Jul. 28 2017

These are new cases according to court records, that were filed in the Chattanooga and Winchester offices of U.S. Bankruptcy...

Henpecked Chicken closes downtown

Published Jul. 28 2017

The Henpecked Chicken, a restaurant that opened this spring in downtown Chattanooga, closed Thursday after just a few months at...