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Test Drive: GMC Canyon combines brawn and beauty

Published Aug. 1 2015

Our love of pickup trucks seems to have no bounds as Ford's F-Series and Chevrolet's Silverado are virtually chiseled in...

Business Calendar

Published Aug. 1 2015

A list of upcoming business events and seminars.

Business Bulletin: Fundraiser scams hit Chattanooga area in wake of tragedy

Published Jul. 31 2015

Q. My neighborhood in North Chattanooga had a person going door to door making a donation appeal for military support....

Business Digest: Grant joins Playcore as general counsel

Published Jul. 26 2015

Attorney Brenda Grant has joined PlayCore as general counsel.

Consumer Watch: Best first aid kits for home, auto, purse

Published Jul. 26 2015

Summer brings smiles, travels and more time spent outdoors, which seems to invite insect bites, scraped knees and all manner...

Test Drive: Ford's $60,000 SUV, the Platinum Expedition

Published Jul. 25 2015

In one of the showrooms at Moss Motor Company in South Pittsburg, Tenn., sits a restored, apple red 1976 Ford...

Business calendar

Published Jul. 25 2015

A listing of events and seminars for the greater Chattanooga area.

Business Bulletin: What are the best charities to give to help shooting victims?

Published Jul. 24 2015

Q. In the wake of the shooting disaster in our community, how may I donate money and be comfortable it...

Personal Finance: Bond funds -- understanding liquidity risk

Published Jul. 22 2015

Much has been written about so-called "liquidity" problems in the bond market. Big banks' CEOs decry the lack of liquidity...

Business Advice: Do you know the value-drivers in your company?

Published Jul. 19 2015

Most business owners only think about getting a formal valuation done on their company when they are considering selling it...

Business Digest: 2 promoted at Chattanoogan

Published Jul. 19 2015

The Chattanoogan hotel has promoted Diana Wellman to director of operations and O'Mally Foster to director of human resources.

Consumer Watch: How to protect your car against theft with key fobs

Published Jul. 19 2015

An recent article in Bottom Line Personal is important enough to share with my readers.

Test Drive: 2016 Honda Pilot SUV sets a new direction

Published Jul. 18 2015

The new, third-generation Honda Pilot SUV looks like it now belongs in the family portrait alongside its dapper younger siblings,...

Chattanooga area business calendar

Published Jul. 18 2015

Red Bank Council meeting from noon to 1 p.m. Tuesday, July 21, at the Red Bank Community Center.

Business Bulletin: What to watch for in deciding on over-the-counter supplements

Published Jul. 17 2015

Q. I would like to lose weight and improve my overall health; there is so much advertising for over-the-counter supplements....

Personal Finance: Tips for building your credit history

Published Jul. 15 2015

There is much to be said for staying out of debt. Having access to debt, however, is a horse of...

Under Construction: Dollar General store takes shape on Wilcox Boulevard

Published Jul. 12 2015

' Project: Dollar General store.

Consumer Watch: Tips to avoiding clutter, organize and limit what you keep

Published Jul. 12 2015

Q: Even though I've tried numerous times, I can't seem to get my home uncluttered. Any ideas? — Clarice Clean

Business Digest: Baylor CFO is 'Unsung Hero'

Published Jul. 12 2015

Dallas Joseph, chief financial officer for Baylor School for the past 15 years, has received the Will Hancock "Unsung Hero"...

Test Drive: Sexy new, Tennessee-made Nissan Maxima

Published Jul. 11 2015

When Nissan designers set out to fashion the eighth-generation Maxima, the mandate was clear: Create a full-size family sedan with...

Biz Bulletin: How to get free credit reportsand track your credit rating

Published Jul. 10 2015

Q. How do I secure my free credit report each year? On the Internet there are many options that have...

MarketWise: Podcasting for effective content marketing

Published Jul. 9 2015

Offering educational content to potential customers is good marketing.

Personal Finance: Understanding mutual fund share classes

Published Jul. 8 2015

The concept of pooling capital of individual investors into a common fund is at least as old as the Dutch...