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Personal Finance: Greece faces its moment of truth

Published Jul. 1 2015

The epic saga of Greece and its membership in the European Union is approaching its dénouement.

Consumer Watch: Money saving maintenance steps for your home

Published Jun. 28 2015

Q: I've noticed several maintenance issues in my home that could cost a fortune to repair if I don't watch...

Test Drive: Ford redesigns the five-passenger Edge

Published Jun. 27 2015

Five passenger SUVs sometimes fall through the cracks — squeezed between the popularity of three-row crossovers and compact utility vehicles.

Greater Chattanooga Area Business Calendar

Published Jun. 27 2015

' 2015-16 Leadership Chattanooga Class from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday, July 1, at 811 Broad St.

Biz Bulletin: How to borrow and use credit better

Published Jun. 26 2015

Q. What advice does BBB have for establishing credit and borrowing money?

Personal Finance: Fun facts about U.S. currency

Published Jun. 24 2015

By now, everyone has heard of the plan by the U.S. Department of Treasury to incorporate the portrait of a...

Under Construction: New storefront taking shape in North Shore

Published Jun. 21 2015

A construction permit was granted by the city in March for work to begin on the vacant lot at 502...

Consumer Watch: Where to avoid germs to stay healthy

Published Jun. 21 2015

Everyone who knows me accepts that Mrs. Germaphobic is obsessive about germs (well, perhaps not "accepts" but at least they...

Business Digest: Love named to AHCA board

Published Jun. 21 2015

Doyle Love, executive director at Life Care Center of Hixson, has been appointed to the board of directors of the...

Business Advice: When you want to grow, what's the best way?

Published Jun. 21 2015

Have you ever heard the saying, "If you aren't growing you're dying?" It makes it sounds like the only reasonable...

Test Drive: New Lexus RC 350, plush ride with wild side

Published Jun. 20 2015

In the automobile business, sportiness and luxury are often self-canceling virtues. In other words, it's hard to build a sports...

Personal Finance: Investors often our own worst enemy

Published Jun. 17 2015

Modern financial theory is based upon the concept of efficient markets: the idea that investors are rational and that they...

Consumer Watch: Facebook settings key to privacy

Published Jun. 14 2015

Q: I've been on Facebook several years but I'm getting paranoid about all the warnings on frauds, identity theft and...

Under Construction: Walmart Neighborhood Center takes shape in Dalton

Published Jun. 14 2015

Project: Walmart Neighborhood Market grocery store.

Personal Finance: REIT sector still worth a look

Published Jun. 10 2015

Achieving a diversified portfolio is accomplished by adding exposure to a variety of assets whose prices tend to move disparately...

Consumer Watch: Summer travel tips

Published Jun. 7 2015

Well, Memorial Day is behind us, which opens the door to summer vacation planning and traveling.

Business Digest: Plastic Surgery at Erlanger East

Published Jun. 7 2015

Plastic Surgery Group has opened an office at Erlanger East near Hamilton Place Mall.

Business Calendar

Published Jun. 6 2015

Hixson Community Coffee from 8-9 a.m. Tuesday, June 9, at Life Care Center of Hixson, 5798 Hixson Home Place.

Biz Bulletin: How businesses should safeguard your data

Published Jun. 5 2015

Q. The Internal Revenue Service was recently the victim of a data breach. How do we protect our personal data...

Personal Finance: Is the stock market too expensive?

Published Jun. 3 2015

Maybe. Maybe not. Investors may be forgiven some angst given the divergence of opinion regarding the valuation of U.S. stocks.

Consumer Watch: Best months for big savings

Published May. 31 2015

Q: Do you have tips on the best months of the year to get the best buys? -- Darlene Dealmaker...

Business Digest: Deborah Deal new chief nursing executive of Parkridge Health System

Published May. 31 2015

Deborah Deal, BSN, MS-HSA, has been named chief nursing executive of Parkridge Health System.

Biz Bulletin: Do your homework before hiring a mover

Published May. 29 2015

Q: I will be relocating my family this summer. There are Internet stories of moving companies that are not trustworthy...