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Chattanooga area divorce filings, June 13-19

Published Jul. 9 2016

People you may know filed for divorce.

Business calendar

Published Jul. 9 2016

Business events around the greater Chattanooga area.

Business Bulletin: How to limit unwanted phone solicitations

Published Jul. 8 2016

Q. Robocalls and telemarketing seem to never end. Now they are calling my cell- phone. What may I do to...

Chattanooga area bankruptcies filed June 13-19

Published Jul. 8 2016

These are new cases, according to court records, that were filed in the Chattanooga and Winchester offices of U.S. Bankruptcy...

Chattanooga's B&B Discount opening 2nd site

Published Jul. 7 2016

A Chattanooga retailer of discounted furniture, electronics and other household goods is taking his show to Hixson and opening a...

Business Briefs: Ex-Unum board member Sen. William Armstrong dies

Published Jul. 7 2016

William L. Armstrong, a Colorado media executive who became a major conservative voice in the U.S. Senate and served on...

Personal Finance: Why it's important not to retreat on trade

Published Jul. 6 2016

Both presidential candidates have moved away from earlier support of international trade to embrace protectionist stances in the heat of...

New Chattanooga area business licenses - July 6

Published Jul. 6 2016

New business licenses as provided by the Hamilton County Clerk's office.

Personal Finance: Should I consolidate my debt with a home loan?

Published Jun. 29 2016

By now you have seen ads touting the benefits of refinancing your home or taking out an equity line to...

New Chattanooga area business licenses - June 29

Published Jun. 29 2016

New business licenses as provided by the Hamilton County Clerk's office, June 6-12, 2016:

Test Drive: 2016 Chevy Cruze full review

Published Jun. 25 2016

The Chevrolet Cruze refutes all of the compact car cliches: Cramped interior. (Nope.) Under-powered engine. (Negative.) Lack of refinement. (No...

Future of GE Power's coveted Chattanooga land uncertain

Published Jun. 23 2016

Hamilton County officials aren't ruling out any future uses for the valuable riverfront land which holds the GE Power manufacturing...

Personal Finance: What is a Brexit?

Published Jun. 22 2016

This Thursday, one of the most significant geopolitical events of the decade will occur.

New Hamilton County business licenses - June 22

Published Jun. 22 2016

New business licenses as provided by the Hamilton County Clerk's office, May 30 - June 5, 2016:

Test Drive: Tennessee-made Cadillac stylish and fun

Published Jun. 18 2016

The mid-size luxury crossover segment is one of the most fiercely competitive — and lucrative — in the automotive marketplace.

Chattanooga-based Unum criticized for outsourcing jobs

Published Jun. 16 2016

A website that focuses on American companies that outsource work has made Chattanooga-based Unum Group a target of criticism, but...

Use a reverse mortgage to delay Social Security?

Published Jun. 15 2016

It is generally well known that beginning Social Security income payments prior to full retirement age results in a lower...

New grocery store, apartments, other retailers coming to East Brainerd development

Published Jun. 14 2016

Work on a new East Brainerd grocery store and other retail space could start late this year as part of...

CBL & Associates Properties Inc. confirm SEC probe; shares fall

Published Jun. 14 2016

Shares of CBL & Associates Properties Inc. lost more than 4 percent Monday after the company confirmed that the Securities...

Under Construction: Elkins Building get revamp

Published Jun. 12 2016

The building was erected in 1890 and has housed a variety commercial offices and retail stores through its history.

Consumer Watch: Which airline has best coach class for flyers?

Published Jun. 12 2016

Last week's Consumer Watch column discussed frequent-flyer award travel. Today centers around the "best" coach class — or, perhaps, as...


Old Food Lion on Mountain Creek Road to be turned into $6 million self-storage space

Published Jun. 10 2016

A Chattanooga shopping center at the foot of Signal Mountain that formerly held a Food Lion store will be converted...

Emerson E. Russell accepts award as Chattanooga's top manager

Published Jun. 9 2016

Entrepreneurs do things differently from others and they understand "the importance of what's worth chasing," Chattanooga's new top manager said...