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Consumer Watch: Retail sales terminology demystified for reader

Published Apr. 26 2015

Q: I am in my 40s and have shopped my entire adult life, yet I still get confused about sale...

Business Digest: Vaughn wins top ad honor

Published Apr. 26 2015

Roger Vaughn, a partner and creative director for The Johnson Group, has been recognized with the prestigious lifetime achievement award...

Test Drive: Chasing down a Renegade

Published Apr. 25 2015

"Renegade," a rock anthem popularized by the 20th century band Styx, is a song about an outlaw who has been...

Biz Bulletin: Be wary of scholarship scams

Published Apr. 24 2015

Q. We are researching scholarships for our high school students. Some organizations providing assistance in these services appear misleading; what...

Personal Finance: Beware emerging market headwinds

Published Apr. 22 2015

Well-diversified investors maintain exposure to a broad array of asset classes. History teaches that rotation in and out of favor...

Consumer Watch: More tips on how to avoid ID theft

Published Apr. 19 2015

Several readers have asked for more information about protecting themselves from identity theft. As I'm speaking to the Scenic City...

Under Construction: FSG bank takes shape in Cleveland

Published Apr. 19 2015

Project: FSG Bank office.

Business Digest: Stallings heads sales at local 84 Lumber store

Published Apr. 19 2015

Travis Stallings has joined 84 Lumber Co., the nation's largest privately held building materials and service provider to professional contractors,...

Test Drive: 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab SLE, a broad-shouldered truck rides like car

Published Apr. 18 2015

If not for a nearly imperceptible floating sensation -- like the gentle undulations inside a passenger jet at peak altitude...

Biz Bulletin: Bureau offers document shredding today and Saturday

Published Apr. 17 2015

Q. BBB "Secure Your ID Day" is this weekend. Where do I find the shred trucks to destroy personal documents?...

Personal Finance: Getting your finances in shape to survive a disaster

Published Apr. 15 2015

Over the past 20 years, disasters like Katrina, Sandy and the attacks on 9/11 have motivated many families to be...

Consumer Watch: Just say no to identity theft scams

Published Apr. 12 2015

I'm pretty paranoid about identity theft, and this time of year is the premiere time for tax refund thieves to...

Under Construction: Chattanooga Lifestyle Center

Published Apr. 12 2015

Project: Chattanooga Lifestyle Center.

Burnette: Cybersecurity for small and medium-sized businesses

Published Apr. 12 2015

The lesson many people took from the successful cyber attack on Target last year was that even giant, sophisticated corporations...

Business Digest: Brewster wins CEcd designation

Published Apr. 12 2015

Kathy Brewster Price, executive director of the McMinn County Economic Development Authority in Athens, Tenn., recently earned the designation of...

Test Drive: Mazda6 gets icing on the cake

Published Apr. 11 2015

The Mazda6 has quietly become a mouth-watering mid-size sedan.

Biz Bulletin: How to pick a lawn care provider

Published Apr. 10 2015

Q. We want to have a beautiful lawn this summer. There are many lawn care service companies; does BBB have...

Personal Finance: Uncle Sam may help boost your retirement savings

Published Apr. 8 2015

Saving up for retirement is clearly a challenge for lower-income workers.

Consumer Watch: Tax breaks for parents

Published Apr. 5 2015

Q: I'm a single parent with three children to support. Please share any applicable tax breaks coming my way. —...

Under Construction: Cameron Harbor changing Chattanooga's riverfront

Published Apr. 5 2015

Project: Cameron Harbor.

Business Digest: Neder joins Dale Buchanan

Published Apr. 5 2015

Dale Buchanan and Associates has announced the hiring of attorney Luke H. Neder. The firm, which specializes in Social Security...

Biz Bulletin: Watch out for so-called 'free' offers

Published Apr. 3 2015

Q: On more than one occasion I have been misled by "free offers" on the Internet and print ads, paying...

Personal Finance: Beefing up security on your cellphone

Published Apr. 1 2015

Imagine a future in which tiny drones hover almost silently over your home, hacking into your cellphone and stealing data...