Business - Chattanooga Diary

Personal Finance: The gold standard and why it won't return

Published Apr. 27 2016

Many people incorrectly assume that our currency is still backed by gold. In fact, except for a very brief period...

This local businessman was named the Chattanooga area's top manager

Published Apr. 24 2016

And Chattanooga's top manager last year was ...

Fast electric car chargers now in Chattanooga

Published Apr. 24 2016

Chattanooga is among a group of strategic cities nationwide to see new electric vehicle chargers with which users can fully...

New restaurant comes to Chattanooga's North Shore

Published Apr. 23 2016

Krist Biba's favorite table at his new restaurant on the North Shore is the one that features the insignia of...

Personal Finance: Money, what it is and why it works

Published Apr. 20 2016

When we shove a dollar bill in a vending machine or slap down a 10 spot to pay for lunch,...

Investment advice: Tax deadline is good time to assess your financial plan

Published Apr. 17 2016

Oh those deadlines!

Test Drive: Range Rover HSE diesel, full review [video]

Published Apr. 16 2016

Land Rover, Land Rover, send your diesel on over!

Personal Finance: What is a fiduciary and why should I care?

Published Apr. 13 2016

Last week, the U.S. Department of Labor issued new rules that will impact millions of retirement savers and thousands of...

Consumer Watch: Trip insurance can prove valuable if unforeseen happens

Published Apr. 10 2016

My family is planning an extravagant vacation in early summer. All arrangements are made but, with such expense, I feel...

Business Digest: Snow newly elected chairman of welding industry association

Published Apr. 10 2016

Tom Snow, CEO of T.J. Snow Co., in Chattanooga, was recently elected chairman of the Resistance Welding Manufacturing Alliance (RWMA),...

Test Drive: 2017 Hyundai Elantra Limited [video]

Published Apr. 9 2016

A television commercial for the 2017 Hyundai Elantra features a terrified couple running through the woods while being chased by...

Grocer plans 3 neighborhood markets in Chattanooga

Published Apr. 8 2016

A Kentucky grocer has plans to open new neighborhood markets in Chattanooga, with each offering a full line of groceries...


Personal Finance: Debt and deficits from 30,000 feet

Published Apr. 6 2016

It is practically received wisdom that the United States is laboring under a debt crisis. Or is that a deficit...

Consumer Watch: Drug store mergers, big retailers offer discounts

Published Apr. 3 2016

Q: Imagine my surprise when I recently paid a $7 co-pay for a prescription at Rite Aid using my Medicare...

Test Drive: Lexus LX 570 gets facelift [video]

Published Apr. 2 2016

As full-size SUVs go, the Lexus LX570 is the iron horse of the segment.

Chambliss Center for Children makes biggest off-campus expansion ever

Published Apr. 1 2016

Chambliss Center for Children, in the biggest off-campus expansion in its 144-year history, has bought a Red Bank building where...

Winsett: Here's where to find the best tax assistance

Published Apr. 1 2016

Q. I need help this year with my income tax preparation. How do I find a reputable tax firm to...

Chattanooga plant lands new name, future production

Published Mar. 31 2016

A Chattanooga plant that's a leading national maker of a tire fill product is taking on a new name and...

Personal Finance: Supply shortage holding back home sales

Published Mar. 30 2016

Without question the U.S. housing market has experienced a strong recovery since the depths of the recession. Still, despite historically...

Business Bulletin: How to cut your power bill

Published Mar. 29 2016

Q. I need to reduce my utility expense at home. What tips may BBB offer in these requirements?

Old downtown Chattanooga buildings make way for new apartments

Published Mar. 27 2016

Project: New apartments

Owen Cyclery remodels for peak season

Published Mar. 25 2016

When you go to work in the same building every day, it's easy to become desensitized to your surroundings, Erik...

Personal Finance: Tax time means fraud, scam time

Published Mar. 23 2016

Ben Franklin famously said that nothing is certain but death and taxes. The IRS might add a corollary to that...