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Consumer Watch: Personalizing romance just might save you money

Published Feb. 1 2015

In February, the traditional month for sweethearts, Americans spend, on average, $116 each for a collective total of $13.19 billion.

Business Digest: McGinnis heads DeMoss Capital

Published Feb. 1 2015

Josh McGinnis has joined DeMoss Capital Inc. as president.

Test Drive: Nissan Murano turns heads, wins hearts

Published Jan. 31 2015

A dozen years ago, Nissan introduced the first-generation Murano crossover and, in the process, captured lightning in a bottle. ...

Business Calendar

Published Jan. 31 2015

Entrepreneur Bookkeeping from noon to 1 p.m. Monday, Feb. 2 at the Tennessee Small Business Development Center, 100 Cherokee...

Biz Bulletin: What to consider in a membership to a gymnasium

Published Jan. 30 2015

Q. I want to join a health club, lose weight, and work out to get in good condition for the...

Under Construction: Fleetwood building gets makeover

Published Jan. 30 2015

Project: Restoration of Fleetwood Coffee building.

Personal Finance: Stock investment styles -- growth versus value

Published Jan. 28 2015

The plethora of choices available to stock investors can seem bewildering at first blush.

Personal Finance: Financial resolutions for a better fiscal year

Published Jan. 27 2015

Q. A New Year Resolution for me is to understand, manage and improve my financial affairs. Does BBB have suggestions...

Consumer Watch: Top websites for savings

Published Jan. 25 2015

This week, we continue with more top online money savers, courtesy of ShopSmart, my own Top Saver: ...

Under Construction: Coke hub opens in 2016

Published Jan. 25 2015

Project: Coca-Cola Bottling Co. United regional headquarters and distribution center.

Small Biz: NFL players find second careers as entrepreneurs

Published Jan. 25 2015

As Eddie George neared the end of his nine seasons in the NFL, the running back began pondering his next...

Business Digest: Moreland moves up at BlueCross

Published Jan. 25 2015

Cheri Moreland has been promoted to director of member outreach services for BlueCare Tennessee, the Medicaid managed care subsidiary of...

Test Drive: Toyota 4Runner fits this market (video)

Published Jan. 24 2015

The Toyota 4Runner embodies the best virtues of traditional SUVs: pleasantly conservative styling, rugged truck-based construction and serious off-road chops....

Personal Finance: Tips on how long to retain records

Published Jan. 21 2015

Questions often arise as to how long one should keep records. If we are talking Tony Bennett or Frank Sinatra,...

Consumer Watch: Best new web sites for saving money

Published Jan. 18 2015

As my loyal readers know, ShopSmart is my BFF-go-to resource for many consumer answers. An arm of Consumer Reports, it...

Business Digest: E.J. Pelton, CPA hires associate

Published Jan. 18 2015

E.J. Pelton, CPA, local tax, bookkeeping and business consultants, has hired Rich Stophel as its bookkeeping and business consulting associate.

Test Drive: Audi's Allroad is hip with grip

Published Jan. 17 2015

It's mid-January, the heart of snow season here in the Chattanooga area. OK, I can hear you transplanted Northerners out...

Biz Bulletin: Beware of a tax phone scam

Published Jan. 16 2015

Q. This IRS phone scam persists; when is it going away?

Personal Finance: If inflation is bad, is deflation good?

Published Jan. 14 2015

Most everyone knows that price inflation is a menace and must be combatted at all costs.

Business Digest: Chambliss adds 3 shareholders

Published Jan. 11 2015

Justin L. Furrow, Jeffrey G. Granillo and Douglas S. Griswold have become shareholders in the Chattanooga law firm of Chambliss,...

Under Construction: The Lofts on Tremont

Published Jan. 11 2015

Project: The Lofts on Tremont.

Consumer Watch: Protect yourself against car theft

Published Jan. 11 2015

A rash of smash-grab-and-run vehicle robberies in our area has left many homeowners spooked.

Test Drive: Ford's F-150 gets reboot for 2015

Published Jan. 10 2015

Ford F Series pickups are America's best-selling vehicles, with more than three-quarters of a million trucks delivered in 2014. By...