Business - Chattanooga Diary

Under Construction: Harvest Grocery new concept in Hixson

Published Mar. 8 2015

Project: Harvest Grocery. Location: 5400 block of Hixson Pike, Chattanooga. Owner/Contractor: McClure Construction Co., Chattanooga.

Test Drive: Chevy Trax latest cute-ute to score

Published Mar. 7 2015

By all accounts, General Motors was pleasantly surprised by the success of its new compact SUV, the Buick Encore, which...

Biz Bulletin: Consumer Protection Week encourages making better decisions

Published Mar. 6 2015

Q. I see that this week is designated "National Consumer Protection Week." What is that program all about?

Under Construction: La-Z-Boy gets test lab

Published Mar. 1 2015

Project: La-Z-Boy research and testing lab. Location: 2100 block of Railroad Street, Dayton, Tenn. Owner: RBA Construction, Inc., Dayton.

Consumer Watch: Cut prescription drug costs

Published Mar. 1 2015

Q: Even though I'm not terribly old, I take many prescription drugs, and the money in my wallet seems to...

Business Digest: 2 become Spears shareholders

Published Mar. 1 2015

Attorneys Cara E. Weiner and Cassie C. Rieder have been added as shareholders of the law firm of Spears, Moore,...

Test Drive: Jaguar F-Type R Coupe features beguiling beauty

Published Feb. 28 2015

Some things demand second helpings. Things like mashed potatoes, sweet tea and Jaguar sports cars. ...

Business Calendar:

Published Feb. 28 2015

* 24Hour Generator at Mad, Bad, and Dangerous today from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Girls Preparatory School, 205...

Biz Bulletin: Tips for evaluating crowdfunding offers

Published Feb. 27 2015

Q. I often receive email messages and see Internet advertising requests seeking donations by crowdfunding. Is this money raising method...

Personal Finance: Student debt now a drag on economy

Published Feb. 25 2015

Promoting access to higher education is a laudable goal, the desirability of which is widely appreciated. However, the current student...

Consumer Watch: Prepare papers now for end of life

Published Feb. 22 2015

It's not too late to make a New Year's Resolution that will benefit you and be a comforting legacy for...

Business Digest: Harr joins board of Cohutta Bank

Published Feb. 22 2015

Ron Harr, who retired earlier this year as president of the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce, has joined the local...

Test Drive: Five great 'snowmobiles' for Chattanooga winters

Published Feb. 21 2015

If you live in the Chattanooga area, you've probably asked yourself at some point this week: Is it safe to...

Biz Bulletin: Be smart with smartphones to avoid scams

Published Feb. 20 2015

Q. I recently read that scammers are using malware to extort money from unsuspecting smartphone users. How does this work?...

Personal Finance: Tax tips for Master Limited Partnerships

Published Feb. 18 2015

Once relegated to a sleepy backwater of the investment landscape, Master Limited Partnerships, or MLPs, have gained in popularity among...

Consumer Watch: Be smart if paying by smartphone

Published Feb. 15 2015

Q: I've been hearing a lot about paying for services and merchandise via Smartphone. I'm really leery about this for...

Business Digest: BlueCross names new medical director

Published Feb. 15 2015

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee has selected Dr. Ian Hamilton as a corporate medical director for all its lines of business.

Test Drive: New 2016 Sorento: Tight, taut, tough

Published Feb. 14 2015

So, here it is, mid-February, and already Kia Motors is stocking its Chattanooga-area stores with a 2016 product. ...

Business Calendar

Published Feb. 14 2015

Export Boot Camp from 8:30-10:30 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 17 at the Tennessee Small Business Development Center, 100 Cherokee Blvd....

Biz Bulletin: Consumers should act quickly to respond to Anthem data breach

Published Feb. 13 2015

Q. Another company data breach; how does a consumer protect against this fraud?

Personal Finance: Good news for people hunting employment

Published Feb. 11 2015

When is an increase in the unemployment rate good news? When it goes up for the right reasons, as it...

Under Construction: Student housing growing downtown

Published Feb. 8 2015

Project: Douglas Heights student housing.

Consumer Watch: Low-cost ways to show your love

Published Feb. 8 2015

Readers came up with great inexpensive or free ways to celebrate Valentine's Day.