Hamilton County Real Estate Transactions: Nov. 8-14

Hamilton County Real Estate Transactions: Nov. 8-14

December 31st, 2012 in Business Diary

Hamilton County Real Estate Transactions

NOTICE: The Hamilton County Register's Office did not publish this data. All information in the Register's Office is public information as set on in T.C.A. 10-7-503. For questions regarding this report, call Mark Jones of the Times Free Press at 423-757-6505. Transactions of $10,000 and above recorded between Nov. 8 and Nov. 14, 2012, are included in this report. Quitclaim transactions are not included. Listings include address or GI number, seller(s), buyer(s) and sale price. GI numbers, listed when street addresses are not available, refer to the location of transactions (book number and page number) in Hamilton County Register Office records.

TOTAL (121 transactions) $25,553,294

APISON (1) $300,000

10123 Meadowstone Dr; Buyer(s): Steve B Wilson, Sherri D Wilson; Seller(s): G T Issa Construction Llc; $300,000.

CHATTANOOGA (52) $9,643,967

Modern Industries Pkwy; Buyer(s): Mig Wire & Tube Llc; Seller(s): Leggett & Platt Inc; $2,500,000.

GI 9797 380; Buyer(s): Clinton Cobb; Seller(s): Thomas W Popp, Ladonna Starr Popp; $600,000.

GI 9797 156; Buyer(s): William Timothy Ballard; Seller(s): Jackson S Brooks, Sandra M Brooks; $539,500.

GI 9794 825; Buyer(s): Hampton L Jr Johnston, Jennifer N Johnston; Seller(s): Karen Leanne Perry, Lee M Perry; $330,000.

GI 9797 71; Buyer(s): Karen Johnson, Gust E Jr Johnson; Seller(s): Ons Partnership; $330,000.

1345 Dreamcatcher Way; Buyer(s): Jeffrey A Miller, Tiffany B Miller; Seller(s): G T Issa Construction Llc; $261,500.

GI 9796 302; Buyer(s): Ronnie L Holmes, Martha A Holmes; Seller(s): Archie Harris, Debora A Harris; $250,000.

2327 Red Tail Ln; Buyer(s): Christopher Burns, Emily Watanabe; Seller(s): Don Walker; $235,000.

GI 9797 181; Buyer(s): Amy R Flanagan, Kelly B Flanagan; Seller(s): Christina M Briley, Julie C Messenger; $233,000.

GI 9794 536; Buyer(s): Nichols Concrete Equipment Co Inc; Seller(s): Gary Nichols; $225,000.

GI 9797 205; Buyer(s): Cynthia T Wallin; Seller(s): Jeffrey F Geismar, Mallory Geismar; $225,000.

GI 9795 321; Buyer(s): Loyd G Hillman, Christa L Hernandez; Seller(s): William R Davey, Miri Shahar Taylor; $216,700.

1110 Centennial Dr; Buyer(s): Massengale Holdings Llc; Seller(s): Marc Cromie; $200,000.

GI 9793 731; Buyer(s): William C Faidley, Beverly H Faidley; Seller(s): Rcs Construction Llc; $199,800.

3302 Hillwood Dr; Buyer(s): Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development; Seller(s): Recontrust Co Na Tr, Monica A Jenkins, Eric G Jr Jenkins; $182,578.

117 Haney Dr; Buyer(s): Karen D Copeland; Seller(s): N Eric Iii Wooten Tr, Connie C Wooten Tr, Eric Wooten Iii & Connie C Wooten Revocable Trust Agreement; $170,000.

809 Stone Crest Dr; Buyer(s): Jason D Roe, Amber S Roe; Seller(s): Lawrence C Miller, Carole K Miller, Carole A Miller; $167,000.

GI 9792 965; Buyer(s): Steven W Powell, Karen H Powell; Seller(s): James M Abernathy, Holly M Abernathy; $165,000.

GI 9793 69; Buyer(s): Joseph A Cooper; Seller(s): Philippe T Lindsay; $165,000.

6000 Fisk Ave; Buyer(s): Fsg Bank Na; Seller(s): Thomas L N Knight Tr, William D Iii Brooks, David Brooks, Janet L Brooks; $157,130.

36 S Germantown Rd; Buyer(s): Erin S Rountree; Seller(s): David Job, Ann Job; $152,500.

GI 9795 990; Buyer(s): Jane Gasior; Seller(s): Edward C Gasior, Carol W Gasior; $150,000.

GI 9793 633; Buyer(s): Abby Leigh Lockerby; Seller(s): Samuel T Iii Shafer, Amanda B Shafer; $140,500.

911 S Crest Rd ; Buyer(s): James T Taylor, Wendy W Taylor; Seller(s): Hugh M Harris, Lori A Harris, Lori A Peterson; $137,000.

GI 9797 242; Buyer(s): Christopher C Wang; Seller(s): Charles R Larmore, Deborah J Larmore; $124,000.

8865 Bay View Dr; Buyer(s): Wendy G Sadowski, James Sadowski; Seller(s): Dabney I Crowe, Dabney S Crowe; $123,700.

GI 9793 716; Buyer(s): Theodore J Hackett, Hannah L Hackett; Seller(s): Martha F Landis, Martha Fraker Landis, Richard D Landis, Richard Delano Landis; $117,500.

1140 Highland Dr; Buyer(s): David R Donohoe, Verna Dean Donohoe; Seller(s): Bertha K Donohoe; $110,000.

GI 9793 57; Buyer(s): Barbara E Bouie; Seller(s): Brian L Bryant, Constance C Bryant; $107,500.

GI 9797 272; Buyer(s): Kayley N True, Justin T True; Seller(s): Shelley M Banks; $96,600.

1509 Merrill St; Buyer(s): Brian Cranford Smith, Christina Denise Smith; Seller(s): David R Harrison, Wanda R Harrison; $90,000.

3911 Bryant St; Buyer(s): Sarah L Bryant; Seller(s): James Andrew Holsted; $90,000.

28 Paulmar Dr; Buyer(s): Roland J Thompson; Seller(s): Linda Wallisch, Roger Lynn Wallisch; $89,000.

6635 Shallowford Rd; Buyer(s): Alexandre Lorenz Wenzel; Seller(s): U S Bank National Assn Tr; $85,000.

8120 Cicero Trl; Buyer(s): Greg Petree; Seller(s): Jpmorgan Chase Bank Na Tr, Jpmorgan Chase Bank Tr, Bank Of New York Mellon Trust Co National Assn Tr, Bank Of New York Trust Co Na Tr; $67,000.

1151 Hurricane Creek Rd; Buyer(s): Julia Odom; Seller(s): Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp; $64,900.

5313 Connell St ; Buyer(s): Kc Enterprises Llc; Seller(s): Richard J Meyers Tr, Richard W Jr Floyd; $52,000.

700 Gillespie Rd; Buyer(s): James Stevens; Seller(s): Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Assn; $51,500.

7634 Mallette Rd; Buyer(s): E-Loan Inc; Seller(s): Shapiro & Kirsch Llp Tr, William H Weathers; $49,125.

3905 Chickamauga Ave; Buyer(s): Christopher Ault; Seller(s): Bank Of New York Mellon Tr; $46,404.

8119 Burgundy Cir; Buyer(s): K&M Builder & Developer Inc; Seller(s): Ba Development Inc; $44,000.

8595 Maple Valley Dr; Buyer(s): K & M Builder & Developer Inc; Seller(s): Jooma Development Llc; $42,000.

GI 9794 823; Buyer(s): Deidre Diener; Seller(s): Karen G Vest, Karen Vest, Karen V Gateley; $39,500.

4904 14Th Ave; Buyer(s): Deutsche Bank National Trust Co Tr; Seller(s): Wilson & Associates Pllc Tr, Hearschel Dixon; $36,550.

509 N Moore Rd; Buyer(s): Household Financial Center Inc; Seller(s): Jeffery L Alford, William Timothy Hill Tr; $35,560.

GI 9797 764; Buyer(s): Glig Inc; Seller(s): Edward Thrasher; $34,700.

117 E Daytona Dr; Buyer(s): Us Bank National Assn Tr; Seller(s): Wilson & Associates Pllc Tr, Verlon Jerry Jr Bivens, Janice B Bivens; $34,000.

200 Valley View Dr; Buyer(s): James Stevens; Seller(s): Federal National Mortgage Assn, Fannie Mae; $20,500.

GI 9794 783; Buyer(s): Greg Petree; Seller(s): I Buy Houses Cash Inc; $19,000.

2605 Simpson Ave; Buyer(s): Austin Rhodes Llc; Seller(s): David L Aaron, Patricia A Aaron, Gary E Lester Tr; $18,000.

4723 Rogers Rd ; Buyer(s): John Conner Llc; Seller(s): Allison Smith; $13,720.

GI 9797 290; Buyer(s): Ray Alan Smith, Vicki L Smith; Seller(s): Larry L Broom, Carolyn Sue Broom; $10,000.

EAST RIDGE (2) $147,600

112 Fawn Dr; Buyer(s): Jeffrey C Stegall; Seller(s): Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp; $84,600.

1023 Greens Lake Rd; Buyer(s): Sharp Properties Llc; Seller(s): Gary R Raymer, Martha F Raymer; $63,000.

HARRISON (3) $378,248

9005 Katie Lynn Ln; Buyer(s): U S Bank Na Tr, Bank Of America Na Tr, Lasalle Bank Na Tr; Seller(s): Recontrust Co Na Tr, Adam Cogswell, Sandy Cogswell; $197,048.

7127 Condra Dr; Buyer(s): Bobby E Neely; Seller(s): Travis M Williams, Jana Williams, Jana A Oldham; $138,000.

7460 Davis Mill Rd; Buyer(s): Vanderbilt Mortgage & Finance Inc; Seller(s): Anthony R Steele Tr, Marcia L Mulkey; $43,200.

HIXSON (9) $1,079,662

5871 Sunset Canyon Dr; Buyer(s): Andrew S Krieger, Christina L Krieger; Seller(s): Pratt Homebuilders Llc; $422,258.

1813 Jackson Square Dr; Buyer(s): Theodore M Jr Swingle, Olivia D Swingle; Seller(s): Diane Evans, Barry Evans; $155,000.

402 Bardwood Ln; Buyer(s): Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development; Seller(s): Rubin Lublin Tennessee Pllc Tr, Rubin Lublin Suarez Serrano Tennessee Llc Tr, Eleanor M Gibson, Kenneth W Gibson; $133,215.

1210 Northern Hills Rd; Buyer(s): Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development; Seller(s): Rubin Lublin Suarez Serrano Tennessee Llc Tr, John D Bennett, Mary E Bennett; $82,189.

343 Celestial Ln; Buyer(s): Newport Capital Distressed Subsidiary Llc; Seller(s): Banco Popular North America; $70,000.

1511 Pheasant Run Dr; Buyer(s): Jason Clark, Erin Clark; Seller(s): James M Tague; $63,000.

8622 Freeling Varnar Rd ; Buyer(s): Eugene Smith; Seller(s): U S Bank National Assn Tr; $58,000.

602 Gadd Rd; Buyer(s): Christopher Gray; Seller(s): U S Bank Trust Na Tr; $52,000.

6573 Esquire Ln; Buyer(s): Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp; Seller(s): Wilson & Associates Pllc Tr, Brenda M Hollingsworth; $44,000.


105 Mitchell Dr; Buyer(s): Donald G Jr Breazeale, Elizabeth C Breazeale; Seller(s): Richard Carter Jr Oferrall Tr, Alice Gandy Oferrall Tr, Alice G Oferrall Tr, Revocable Trust Agreement Of Richard Carter Oferrall Jr, Revocable Trust Agreement Of Alice Gandy Oferrall; $440,000.

OOLTEWAH (6) $865,806

6627 Hideaway Rd; Buyer(s): Leonard R Ivey, Stacy L Ivey; Seller(s): Cecilia A Staley; $247,500.

8116 Kaitlin Ln ; Buyer(s): Renee R Gibbs; Seller(s): Chattanooga Properties Llc; $183,000.

8572 Kennerly Ct; Buyer(s): Jean Binkley; Seller(s): Durham Design Llc; $160,000.

10120 Falcon Crest Dr; Buyer(s): William Sabba; Seller(s): Don Walker; $140,000.

8305 Friendly Ct; Buyer(s): Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development; Seller(s): Recontrust Co Na Tr, Ivett Meteo Marquez, Arturo David Marquez; $76,206.

2956 E Freedom Cir; Buyer(s): Stacy Lechler; Seller(s): Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Assn; $59,100.

RED BANK (1) $52,506

721 Manchester Dr; Buyer(s): Ronald Rodger, Iris Rodger; Seller(s): Bank Of New York Mellon Tr, Bank Of New York Tr, Jpmorgan Chase Bank National Assn Tr; $52,506.

SIGNAL MOUNTAIN (2) $770,000

2509 Hillyer Ln; Buyer(s): David R Ryan, Sarah Ryan; Seller(s): Pedro J Cardona, Jess Irvin; $426,500.

16 Cool Springs Rd; Buyer(s): Chad E Mcghie, Kristen M Mcghie; Seller(s): Warren C Dropkin, Donna G White-Dropkin; $343,500.

SODDY-DAISY (11) $2,078,622

12225 Posey Hollow Rd; Buyer(s): David A Pifer, Kimberly M Pifer; Seller(s): Community National Bank Inc; $515,000.

8928 Prairie Schooner Cir; Buyer(s): John E Anderson, Kimberly C Anderson; Seller(s): Cheryl B Smith; $415,000.

1089 Natural Way; Buyer(s): William R Thomas, Tammie J Thomas; Seller(s): Frank R Waggoner, Rosemary A Waggoner; $325,000.

2106 College Park Ln; Buyer(s): Cleveland R Wheeler; Seller(s): Elizabeth A Wilson, Alan R Wilson; $229,000.

1006 Falcon Run Dr; Buyer(s): Kathryn A Mangiamele; Seller(s): James E Sr Vincent; $162,700.

2212 Violette Dr; Buyer(s): Steven M Chaney; Seller(s): Cheryl A Bates; $139,900.

9882 Cool Way; Buyer(s): Jpmorgan Chase Bank National Assn; Seller(s): Wilson & Associates Pllc Tr, Josh P Hale, Laura Hale; $106,250.

544 Richie Rd; Buyer(s): Rref Snv Ii-Georgia Sbp Llc; Seller(s): Charles Sidney Collins, Billie Boyd-Collins, Joseph R Prochaska Tr; $70,000.

2374 Glengerrie Dr; Buyer(s): Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp; Seller(s): Wilson & Associates Pllc Tr, Sidney D Rothwell, Ethyle Rothwell; $54,072.

342 Depot St; Buyer(s): B A Skiles; Seller(s): Joseph W Grant, Linda L Grant; $50,000.

787 Hyatte Rd; Buyer(s): Billy Bob Bond, Sedara Minglin Bond; Seller(s): Nannie M Ritz; $11,700.

UNKNOWN (33) $9,796,882

GI 9793 946; Buyer(s): William Oehmig, Alice Oehmig; Seller(s): Gordon L Iii Smith, Christine B Smith; $4,150,000.

GI 9796 389; Buyer(s): Gentry Holdings Inc; Seller(s): Cornerstone Community Bank; $1,300,000.

GI 9796 327; Buyer(s): Ray E Fortner, Emma E Parks; Seller(s): Helen D Maughon; $515,000.

GI 9796 468; Buyer(s): Cris Stephenson; Seller(s): Peter M Dechelle, Chivon G Dechelle; $314,900.

GI 9793 14; Buyer(s): Kelly Nguyen, Khanh Nguyen; Seller(s): Ronald Hernandez, Christa Hernandez; $280,000.

GI 9797 633; Buyer(s): Timothy J Jr Morgan; Seller(s): Hamilton Homes Llc; $272,000.

GI 9793 729; Buyer(s): Karen Holley Gower, Leonard Frank Gower; Seller(s): Dale Bradshaw, Pamela Bradshaw; $234,900.

GI 9793 195; Buyer(s): Don Walker; Seller(s): Ward Properties Llc; $229,439.

GI 9796 376; Buyer(s): Jon Mcmillan, Jamie Mcmillan; Seller(s): Sylvia G Gardenhire, Sylvia G Gilbert, Sylvia G Pollard, Todd Gardenhire; $215,400.

GI 9795 932; Buyer(s): Rose Ruth Grob; Seller(s): James R Buckner, Jean K Buckner; $209,900.

GI 9797 222; Buyer(s): Brandis C Smith, Robert William Smith; Seller(s): Walter Eugene Browning Tr, Pamela C Browning Tr, Walter Eugene Browning Revocable Trust Agreement, Pamela C Browning Revocable Trust Agreement; $204,000.

GI 9797 660; Buyer(s): Kenneth C Beaver, Wendes R Jones; Seller(s): Keith E Crisp; $185,000.

GI 9796 348; Buyer(s): Shawn Slaughter, Victoria Slaughter; Seller(s): Anibal M Delgado, Anibal Delgado; $184,000.

GI 9793 749; Buyer(s): Keith Blake, Katherine A Blake; Seller(s): John Mcdonald, Carrie Meadows; $159,000.

GI 9795 303; Buyer(s): Benjamin T Roberson, Jessica J Roberson; Seller(s): Peggy J Miles; $128,000.

GI 9794 422; Buyer(s): Gary L Judkins, Gwendolyn S Judkins; Seller(s): Linda Oliver, Linda Rae Oliver, Kineth Wayne Judkins; $125,000.

GI 9795 348; Buyer(s): Brandon D Edmondson; Seller(s): William E Cordts, Crystal Herron Cordts; $122,000.

GI 9794 873; Buyer(s): Heritage Developing Llc; Seller(s): Donna Eldridge, James L Eldridge; $120,000.

GI 9793 780; Buyer(s): Cassie L Reardon, Austin Reed; Seller(s): Mary Kay Bosworth Watson, Kay B Bosworth, William Lewis Watson; $117,000.

GI 9794 860; Buyer(s): Laura E Carr, Melvin S Shipp; Seller(s): Sunshine Enterprises & Sales Llc; $111,000.

GI 9797 269; Buyer(s): Jerry E Harris, Betty M Harris; Seller(s): Jewell G Stolz, Mike Goodman, Fannie W Goodman; $100,000.

GI 9793 669; Buyer(s): Veloriah M Carter Tr, Carter Living Trust; Seller(s): Landvest Development Partners I Llc; $75,000.

GI 9795 346; Buyer(s): Edward Brown, Amy Brown; Seller(s): Brenda Jones, Bennie F Jones; $67,343.

GI 9795 885; Buyer(s): Kc Enterprises Llc; Seller(s): Charles A Tallent, Fannie A Tallent, John A Medina Tr; $63,500.

GI 9796 433; Buyer(s): Georgetown Bay Homeowners Assn Inc; Seller(s): Elbert Donald Walker, Rhonda P Walker, D&M Properties Llp; $50,000.

GI 9796 437; Buyer(s): Georgetown Bay Homeowners Assn Inc; Seller(s): D&M Properties Llp; $50,000.

GI 9795 955; Buyer(s): D & S Construction Co Inc; Seller(s): Rogers Family Farm Inc; $49,000.

GI 9795 919; Buyer(s): David R Akers; Seller(s): Thomas R Guest, Gayle Bigham, Gary L Guest; $48,000.

GI 9796 134; Buyer(s): Warren G Cole; Seller(s): Edward P Gwaltney, Toni G Gwaltney; $35,000.

GI 9797 768; Buyer(s): Johnny L Boatwright; Seller(s): Mp & Mk Development Llc; $30,000.

GI 9794 820; Buyer(s): Deidra Berner, Eric Phillips; Seller(s): Sylvia Nyoka Harvey, Retha Joan Williams, Herman Newsom, Wanda Edwina Mccullom, Marcia Christine Hartman, Deletha Carol Smith, Delethy Irene Newsom, Irene L Newsom; $25,500.

GI 9796 244; Buyer(s): Clayton H Privett, Charlotte D Privett; Seller(s): Bobby D Privett, Sherry Darlene Privett; $15,000.

GI 9797 917; Buyer(s): Sagacity Group Llc; Seller(s): Charles R Terry, Starla L Terry; $12,000.