Under Construction: Ace Hardware tools up for self-renovation

Under Construction: Ace Hardware tools up for self-renovation

July 15th, 2012 by Ellis Smith in Business Diary

Kenny Branstetter, general contractor, secures a new door frame in an Ace Hardware's future offices while Matt Cox moves extraneous equipment.

Photo by Jake Daniels /Times Free Press.

Name: Ace Hardware

Location: Highway 58

Status: The renovation project is approximately one-third complete. Workers started on June 1, and plan to complete work by Sept. 15, according to project manager Kenny Branstetter. Workers already have installed the new heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems and are working to build new offices and training rooms. The next step is to install a new, energy-efficient roof. Then, workers will improve the structure's facade and widen the entrance with a new sliding glass door.

Cost: Estimated at between $200,000 and $500,000.

Features: The renovated building will be far more energy efficient than the current structure, as the roof and new HVAC system will cut down on energy use over the current tin roof and old ventilation. The store will remain open during the construction, Branstetter said. A new paint scheme and wider aisles will cause the store to feel more open. A new store design will leave more room at the front of the store, helping customers get in and out of the store more easily. The larger aisles will allow the store to add new products, Branstetter said. Workers are also changing the floor to a polished concrete finish.

Extras: Ace Hardware will also add a generator to power the store in case of a natural disaster such as a tornado. The generator will power the propane equipment and chain saw sharpening machinery. It will also allow for some basic lighting, and power the cash registers.

Contractors: KTB Construction Co.

Workers: The project will create between 12 and 25 jobs.