Chattanooga area marriage and divorce filings

Chattanooga area marriage and divorce filings

May 19th, 2012 in Business Diary

These people filed for marriage licenses in the Hamilton County clerk's office for May 7-11:

Jeffery Allen Shadrick II and Ericka Danielle Combs, both of Hixson

Samuel Petty and Tracie Lavetta Evonne Harrison, both of Chattanooga

Andrew Jason Meyer and Bridget Michelle Haddock, both of Hixson

James Felton Westfield and Ginger Ray Langston, both of Chattanooga

James Victor Scarborough and Kimberly Alice Gardenhire, both of Chattanooga

Jorge Daniel Tarafa and Carol Ann Phillips, both of Hixson

Jaffer Ali Syed and Syeda Samreen Raza, both of Chattanooga

Raaul MIguel Felipe and Jamie Leann Clemons, both of Huntsville, Ala.

Daniel Lynn Feller and Julie Ann Breedlove, both of Jacksonville, Fla.

Ryan Michael Young and Jennifer Ruth Walters, both of Hixson

Timothy Leon Palmer and Linda Darlene Rich, both of Fising Fawn, Ga.

Donice William Lawson and Janice Denise Harris, both of Chattanooga

John Scott White and Christina Lynn Smith, both of Meansville, Ga.

Jackie Lee Born and Patricia Gail Norman, both of Chattanooga

Joseph McKinnley Gibson Jr. and Rhonda Ann Carroll, both of Chattanooga

Jarrell Prince Jenkins, Villa Rica, Ga., and Jackeia Lastar Georges, Douglasville, Ga.

Christopher Danzell Allen, Hixson, and Tracy Lauren Morris, Chattanooga

Michael Heath Shelon, Harrison, and Allie Elizabeth Reynolds, Ooltewah

Gary Lee Waters and Barabara Jacqueline Curry, both of Soddy-Daisy

August Alexander Beneke and Carrie Elizabeth Sink, both of Columbus, Miss.

Wesley Aaron Mulzet, Red Bank, and Janet Marie Hobbs, Hixson

Shawn Michael Johnson, Chattanooga, and Halley Lauren Sims, Soddy-Daisy

Nolan Dean Baier and Deanna Lewis Hudson, both of Soddy-Daisy

Joshua Steven Roach, Ringgold, Ga., and Julia Cathleen Herbert, Knoxville

Justin Ray Granstaff and Carrie Beth Langford, both of Chattanooga

Alexander Glenn Harbison and Brittany Danielle Adams, both of Harrison

Justin Matthew King and Emily Anne Eaton, both of Chattanooga

Jody Lee Porter and Lindi Danielle Carson, both of Chattanooga

Jeffery Daniel Parker and Amy Jo Marckel, both of Ooltewah

James Craig Hawkins and Erin Michelle Murcoch, both of Chattanooga

Joseph Logan Gass and Kayla Ellen Michelle Weaver, both of Ringgold, Ga.

Nakia Lamont McMillan and Samantha Shuntaer Sands, both of Chattanooga

Jody Creed Dunnigan and Mallory Marie Phillips, both of Hixson

Vasili Ceausceac, Rockford, Minn., and Kristina Skrypkar, Ooltewah

Daniel Stephen Henry and Crystal Dai Galloway, both of Chattanooga

David Melton Davis, Tunnel Hill, Ga., and Julia Prine Morris, Harrison

Wendell Michael Norman Jr. and Dana Michelle Helton, both of Chattanooga

Nathaniel Sayre Kirne and Katelyn Littlejohn, both of Cambridge, Maine

Charles Allen Neal Sr. and Arewilder Contrella Fields-Lovett, both of Chattanooga

Cody Matthew Headrick and Rachael Lynn Seagrove, both of Chattanooga

Fernandes Tyrone McClurkins and Ashley Heather Lee, both of Chattanooga

Ronny Lane Brown and Macey Danielle Swindle, both of McCalla, Ala.

Aaron Marc Dalegowski, Cleveland, Tenn., and Daisy Serrano Soto, Chattanooga

Jeremy Quinn Peterson, Harrison, and Hattie Louise Stubsten, Chattanooga

Derek Royce Taylor, Ooltewah, and Diana Laverne Walters, Apison

Ryan Nathaniel Angel and Lisa Milligan Anthony, both of Chattanooga

Harland Gregg Miller and Jolenne Pester, both of Chattanooga

David Edward Campbell, Hixson, and Elizabeth Millie Mashburn, Soddy-Daisy

James Kimball Thompson and Frances Ann Walker, both of Hixson

Nathan David Bosshardt, Chickamauga, Ga., and Laura Lines McCandless, Signal Mountain

Brandon Wayne Carter and Cynthia Beth Steward, both of Ooltewah

Peter Carlton Nitza and Lauren Calla Goforth, both of Chattanooga

Todd Mapelle Cameron Jr. and Marie Anne Telliano, both of Chattanooga

Hans Albert Sowrey and Annette Laveene Butler, both of Chattanooga

Henry Caldwell Currin and Kellie Lorraine Kent, both of Lookout Mountain

Jared Logan Waters, Ooltewah, and Angela Nicole Scott, Sanford, Fla.

Jeffrey Lee Donaldson and Susan Lynn Hurley, both of Bessemer, Ala.

Allan Dewayne Smith and Kala Marie Johnson, both of Ooltewah

Cody Allen Murr and Alisha Gail Hester, both of Soddy-Daisy

Joseph Keith Gassett and Kelsey Michelle Fitzgerald, both of Kathleen, Ga.

Jose Deesus Castaneda Velazquez and Christina Royal Aaron, both of Fort Payne, Ala.

James Edward Anderson III and Traci Jo Flippo, both of Soddy-Daisy

Devin Christopher Ryan, Clearwater, Fla., and Marisa Lauren Catlin, Chattanooga

Michael Kelley Rumsey and Cari Lynn Yunger, both of Chattanooga

Jermaine Edingburg and Taneka Michelle Hill, both of Chattanooga

These people filed for divorce in Hamilton County Circuit Court May 7-11:

Kristie Adams Wester v Keith Allen Wester

Cecil C. Green v Robietein Watkins Green

Steven Kane Wood v Linda Westbrooks Wood

Carey Komorny Ware v Tyan Allen Ware

Thomas Lynn Miller v Carla Miller

Sheryl Ann Hallengren v James A. Hallengren

Jeanette Darlene King Griffin v Dave Allen Griffin

Sharon Key Shaw Perdue v Donnie Lee Perdue

Larry Lebron Smith v Stephanie Gail Smith

Harold Roy Hughes v Patricia Ann Hughes

Timothy J. Gadd v Melissa Kay Gadd

Garland St. Charles Eastman v Kayla Hope Eastman

Kristi Michelle Thrower v Joey Mitchell Thrower

John Jadoobirsingh v Melanie Jadoobirsingh

Kerri Nicole Evans v Todd Lee Harmon

Chelsea Ann Stokes v Casey Jordan Stokes

John Philip Thach v Misti Michelle Thach

Justin Morgan v Lucreta Morgan

Todd Culver v Lisa Culver

Antowann Cornelius Geter v Katherlyn Lenore Geter

Ronald Douglas Weathers v Andrana Michelle Weathers

Mathew David Keur v Carol Wilkinson Keur

Rachel Melinda Johnson v Dale Patrick Johnson

Jeremiah Mitch Hamlin v Lezley Peige Hamlin

Misty Mae Haswell v Lester Eugene Haswell Jr.

Amy Lynn McCoy v Daniel McCoy

Eva Mae McDade v Glenn Daniel McDade

Daniel Robert Lindberg v Diana Marie Lindberg

Robert Kent v Kimberly C. Kent