Consumer Watch: Where to get senior discounts for holiday shopping

Consumer Watch: Where to get senior discounts for holiday shopping

December 1st, 2013 by Ellen Phillips in Business Diary

Ellen Phillips

Ellen Phillips


The original ConsumerWatch column on Sunday incorrectly reported that Ace Hardware was offering senior discounts in our area. Ace Hardware stores are not offering such discounts to seniors. The Times Free Press regrets the error.

I know you've occasionally written about discounts for seniors. Since I've just started my holiday shopping and funds are a bit scarce this year, can you update these discounts for me?

- Samantha Savings

Dear Ms. Savings: I'm glad to see you're a savvy shopper/consumer who realizes that every little bit adds up, especially when seasonal buying comes along to up the ante. What's great about these savings opportunities is you can buy something for every age, from the youngster who mows your lawn to your best bridge buddy. (My list is comprised of area establishments only; I hope I haven't left out anyone.) Retail stores

• Christopher and Banks. The company offers a Wednesday 10 percent discount if you're 60.

• Dress Barn. Senior discounts are offered one day each week, generally Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Check with the local store for the day to receive your 10 percent discount if you're (usually) age 55.

• Goodwill. A great source for inexpensive and sometimes brand new merchandise, Goodwill offers a 10-20 percent discount on certain days. Check with your local store for the day and the age, although the latter is often 55.

• Hallmark. While the 10 percent discount varies by weekday (so please check weekly), you generally need to be 55 years old.

• Kohl's. The store's full price merchandise is sold at a 15 percent discount each Wednesday. You must be at least 60.


• Fast food. Varying by location within each chain, many offer either 10 percent off or a bargain-priced beverage. (Gift certificates are a great stocking stuffer.) Our own fast food places include Burger King, Chick-fil-A, Dairy Queen, Subway and Wendy's.

• IHOP. This family restaurant offers a 10 percent discount and/or special senior menus. Some locations offer half-price dinners one night a week for seniors and, while the age varies, it's often as young as 55.

• Dunkin' Donuts. While many locations give reduced prices in beverages, others offer 10 percent off the entire purchase. Just like IHOP, the age varies but can be as young as 55.