Under Construction: Homestead barn a new wedding, conference venue

Under Construction: Homestead barn a new wedding, conference venue

February 24th, 2013 by Shelly Bradbury in Business Diary

The Homestead at Cloudland Station in Chickamauga, Ga. The barn was first constructed in 1871 and is being reconstructed and upgraded into a wedding venue.

The Homestead at Cloudland Station in Chickamauga, Ga....

Photo by Laura McNutt /Times Free Press.

Project: The Homestead at Cloudland Station

Owner: John Tatum

Location: 9832 Highway 193, Chickamauga, Ga.

Cost: About $1 million

Scope: The Homestead will include a farmhouse, carriage house, blacksmith's shop, produce stand and barn. The facility will be used to host weddings, conferences and gatherings. The circa-1871 barn was taken apart and moved from Pennsylvania to Cloudland Station, where it is being reconstructed and upgraded.

Timeline: The barn will be finished in six to eight weeks. The farm- house will be started in the next two weeks. It will be raised in three days by using traditional house-building techniques.

Features: The Amish-built barn will have modern amenities, including bathrooms, electricity, a balcony and chandeliers. It's made mostly of hand-pegged oak and will include several rooms and a catering kitchen.

Size of barn: 2,800 square feet

Price to rent the Homestead: Between $5,000 and $10,000

History: Cloudland Station is both a private getaway and a residential community on 450 acres offering a slower-paced lifestyle. The master plan includes several neighborhoods, a library, general store, treehouse, tire swings, coffee shop, cafe, amphitheater and town square. There are trails, orchards and creeks. The Homestead sits at the front of the property. "The whole valley is sprinkled with buildings from the late-1700s architecture to the late 1800s," Tatum said. "Our theme is getting back to the simple times."