Hamilton County Real Estate Transactions: Dec. 27 - Jan. 2

Hamilton County Real Estate Transactions: Dec. 27 - Jan. 2

January 15th, 2013 in Business Diary

Hamilton County Real Estate Transactions

NOTICE: The Hamilton County Register's Office did not publish this data. All information in the Register's Office is public information as set on in T.C.A. 10-7-503. For questions regarding this report, call Mark Jones of the Times Free Press at 423-757-6505. Transactions of $10,000 and above recorded between Dec. 27, 2012 and Jan. 2, 2013, are included in this report. Quitclaim transactions are not included. Listings include address or GI number, seller(s), buyer(s) and sale price. GI numbers, listed when street addresses are not available, refer to the location of transactions (book number and page number) in Hamilton County Register Office records.

TOTAL (106 Transactions) $35,209,213

BIRCHWOOD (1) $199,900

14507 Baker Rd; Buyer(s): Marcus D Dennis, Stephanne L Dennis; Seller(s): Jeffrey Lynn Roark, Selina Constance Roark, Selina C Roark; $199,900.

CHATTANOOGA (83) $16,685,035

GI 9835 594; Buyer(s): Mende Llc; Seller(s): Michael J Trussell, Sharon G Trussell; $1,650,000.

GI 9835 543; Buyer(s): East Tennessee Enterprises Llc; Seller(s): Grant Brothers Acquisition Llc; $1,620,000.

4506 Hixson Pike; Buyer(s): Hamilton Funeral Home Llc; Seller(s): Corral Of Columbus Llc; $1,015,000.

527 Reads Lake Rd; Buyer(s): Lynda Norman; Seller(s): Angelika M Farrell, Angelika Marie-Louise Lingl; $900,000.

GI 9833 866; Buyer(s): Amanda Jackson, Keith Jackson; Seller(s): Virginia C Corey; $590,000.

GI 9837 329; Buyer(s): Joseph Kent Garrett, Ann Marie Garrett; Seller(s): Rowland Development Group Llc; $468,244.

GI 9835 693; Buyer(s): Robert L & Kathrina H Maclellan Foundation; Seller(s): Maclellan Foundation Inc; $457,056.

1841 Ivy Brook Ct; Buyer(s): William L Guill, Tera J Guill; Seller(s): Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp; $435,000.

1223 Longholm Ct; Buyer(s): Anna Steciw, Gene Maras; Seller(s): Dexter White, Linda Brock; $435,000.

GI 9836 218; Buyer(s): Timothy E Bankston, Dawn L Bankston; Seller(s): Ricks Lock & Key Inc; $375,000.

8588 Festival Loop; Buyer(s): Caleb F Merriman; Seller(s): Obar Investments Llc; $315,978.

Bush Rd; Buyer(s): Tracy O Henshaw, Margaret Lynn Beck; Seller(s): Branch Banking & Trust Co; $315,000.

GI 9834 990; Buyer(s): Guy W Crosson, Doyle R Love; Seller(s): Ronald W Grove, Janice R Grove; $310,000.

GI 9831 723; Buyer(s): Faye Johnston, Jack Johnston; Seller(s): Blue Hammer Llc; $285,623.

2543 Crestwood Dr; Buyer(s): Corey L Miller, Orville E Clark; Seller(s): Cyrus Hoss Baghai; $279,000.

608 Tremont St; Buyer(s): Melissa A Mccranie; Seller(s): Todd J Borgmeier, Elaine D Manglicmot; $265,000.

GI 9832 303; Buyer(s): Mark L Thomas, Judy K Thomas; Seller(s): Ward-Hill Properties Llc, Ward Hill Properties Llc; $255,000.

GI 9832 211; Buyer(s): Prateek Pagar, Surbhi Pagar; Seller(s): Rcs Construction Llc; $253,000.

652 Wilshire Way; Buyer(s): Tommy Baker, Cheryl Baker; Seller(s): Terranova Development Corp; $229,000.

2003 Belleau Village Ln; Buyer(s): Steven Warrick; Seller(s): Fatherson Partnership Two; $226,000.

GI 9837 224; Buyer(s): Daniel F Miller, Leah H Miller; Seller(s): Firstbank, First Bank; $215,000.

2206 Red Tail Ln; Buyer(s): Harry Ward, Beatrice Ward; Seller(s): Brent D Walker; $206,900.

GI 9836 596; Buyer(s): Sally H Chumney; Seller(s): Gary Watson, Leslie C Fox; $205,000.

3814 Edwards Terr; Buyer(s): Andrew S Guider, Kari Guider; Seller(s): Roger K Carr, Lea Ann S Carr; $192,500.

1722 Lakewood Cir; Buyer(s): Andrew Wade Tudor, Kristi Robinson Tudor; Seller(s): Craig A Howenstine, Patty L Howenstine, Patty Howenstine; $175,000.

7825 Laurelton Dr; Buyer(s): Geoffrey Scott Craker; Seller(s): Carroll G Jordan, Pamela A Jordan; $171,900.

4610 Conner St; Buyer(s): Thomas C Smith, Carlton C Smith; Seller(s): Jason R Taylor; $159,000.

GI 9836 531; Buyer(s): Phillip E Mcneely; Seller(s): Toni Youngman, Dan Youngman, Toni L Hudson; $158,000.

GI 9836 499; Buyer(s): Keven D Flanagan, Brooke R Flanagan; Seller(s): Kridel Investment Properties Llc; $156,000.

GI 9831 556; Buyer(s): Alexander H Lord Tr, Alexander H Lord Living Trust; Seller(s): Stringer Ridge Associates Inc; $147,700.

GI 9837 374; Buyer(s): Thomas Anders Cable; Seller(s): Robert W Wetzel; $146,440.

GI 9837 875; Buyer(s): Bruce Andrew Martin, Heather Martin; Seller(s): Thomas Otis Henley; $145,000.

9218 Quail Mtn Dr; Buyer(s): David Treadwell Tr, Hayley A Satterlund Irrevocable Trust; Seller(s): Jonathan Reed Walker, Sherry D Walker; $141,000.

GI 9832 265; Buyer(s): Anita J Smith, Kerry B Smith; Seller(s): Rick L Simerly; $140,000.

GI 9837 762; Buyer(s): Polis Studio Llc; Seller(s): Ronald T Johnson, Cheryl V Johnson; $140,000.

7130 Blossom Cir; Buyer(s): Keith P Downen, Wendy L Downen; Seller(s): Jason A Jones; $139,500.

GI 9834 306; Buyer(s): Michael L Brit, Anna Brit; Seller(s): Stringer Ridge Associates Inc; $136,298.

GI 9836 197; Buyer(s): Alvin B Slatton; Seller(s): Stringer Ridge Associates Inc; $131,000.

GI 9836 158; Buyer(s): Roy A Ii Hibbs, Brandon N Hibbs; Seller(s): Obar Investments Llc; $129,000.

8828 Igou Gap Rd; Buyer(s): Mary Beth Shea; Seller(s): James L Long, Deena B Long; $120,000.

GI 9837 304; Buyer(s): Samuel D Britton, Emily L Britton; Seller(s): Mark D Henderson, Stacy A Henderson; $112,500.

GI 9834 254; Buyer(s): James Brumby, Kristina M Verone; Seller(s): Daniel J Simon, Eleanor G Simon; $110,000.

8817 Igou Gap Rd ; Buyer(s): Jerry M Hardy, Johannah M Hardy; Seller(s): Vince Trotter; $107,500.

GI 9833 983; Buyer(s): Pius Mutubwa, Nathalie Mwitwa; Seller(s): Habitat For Humanity Of Greater Chattanooga Area Inc; $105,000.

3926 Laird Ln; Buyer(s): Laura A Lamb; Seller(s): Edna A Jackson Tr; $100,000.

GI 9832 242; Buyer(s): Ross D Fann; Seller(s): Kenneth York, Carolyn York; $100,000.

GI 9836 592; Buyer(s): Michael L Fraley, Nola R Fraley; Seller(s): Leonard Lewis Ii Hilton, Sheri Ingle Hilton; $100,000.

1813 Pine Needles Trl; Buyer(s): Cory Mixer; Seller(s): Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Assn; $98,000.

GI 9834 260; Buyer(s): Kenneth L Livingston, Kenneth Tyler Livingston; Seller(s): Larry Gravitt, Brenda Livingston; $98,000.

3615 Hoyt St; Buyer(s): Delois Lee, Allen Sr Lee; Seller(s): Lauren Johnson; $96,500.

GI 9837 317; Buyer(s): Patricia E Hall; Seller(s): Melvin L Carson, Catherine B Carson; $96,500.

5317 Hwy 58; Buyer(s): William Donald Voiles, Beverly B Voiles; Seller(s): Northwest Georgia Bank; $95,000.

109 Lynda Dr ; Buyer(s): Jacob T Ducote, Rebekah Wilson; Seller(s): Jennifer M Rightmire, Allen W Ii Rightmire; $92,800.

1533 Waterhouse St; Buyer(s): David Anthony Coburn, Susanne M Coburn; Seller(s): Sandra A Whaley; $91,000.

801 Ashwood Ln; Buyer(s): Michel Elizabeth Holder; Seller(s): Roy F Everett; $89,000.

3404 Gail Dr; Buyer(s): Michael L Raines; Seller(s): Northwest Georgia Bank; $82,000.

2300 E 4Th St, 1813 Olive St, 1812 Olive St, 1916 Ivy St; Buyer(s): Joshua David Bennett, April T Bennett; Seller(s): Cornerstone Community Bank; $73,900.

1063 Shallowford Rd; Buyer(s): First Volunteer Bank; Seller(s): Timothy R Simonds Tr, Pamela R Ammons, Baron Ammons; $72,435.

4709 Murray Hills Dr; Buyer(s): James Patrick Miller; Seller(s): Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp; $69,000.

3032 Silverdale Rd; Buyer(s): Christina M Davis; Seller(s): Jeffery G Yash, Nancy D Kerr; $65,000.

1215 Peachtree St, 308 Glendale Dr; Buyer(s): Sb Financial Properties; Seller(s): Larry B Lawrence, Phyllis A Lawrence; $65,000.

GI 9831 972; Buyer(s): William O Smith, Andrea L Smith; Seller(s): Branch Banking & Trust Co; $64,500.

732 Mauldeth Rd; Buyer(s): Mitchell Eustice, Amy Eustice; Seller(s): Franklin A Ramsey, Chris Ramsey; $60,100.

GI 9836 149; Buyer(s): Kevin J Murphey; Seller(s): Rosalie Von Canon Martin, George Y Jr Von Canon; $59,500.

1258 Durham Dr; Buyer(s): David F Olds; Seller(s): Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development; $55,160.

4749 Pineview Ln; Buyer(s): Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp; Seller(s): Rubin Lublin Tennessee Pllc Tr, Carrie Norris; $55,000.

GI 9832 895; Buyer(s): Charles Church; Seller(s): Donna M Sartin Tr, Ryan Trust; $52,000.

GI 9836 612; Buyer(s): Randy Chapman; Seller(s): 3 Amigos Land Co Llc, J Richard Brown; $50,000.

1844 N Concord Rd; Buyer(s): Ronald L Mayfield; Seller(s): Suntrust Mortgage Inc; $46,901.

GI 9836 544; Buyer(s): Brian T Jolley; Seller(s): Alvaleen Ellison; $44,000.

3514 Mtn Creek Rd; Buyer(s): Gregory R Jessup; Seller(s): Wells Fargo Bank Na Tr; $42,900.

GI 9832 500; Buyer(s): Community Trust & Banking Co; Seller(s): Brian P Mickles Tr, Robert J Lotufo, Tina T Lotufo; $40,000.

3558 Willow Lake Cir; Buyer(s): Down South Homes Llc; Seller(s): 3 Amigos Land Co Llc, J Richard Brown; $40,000.

3569 Willow Lake Cir; Buyer(s): Down South Homes Llc; Seller(s): J Richard Brown, 3 Amigos Land Co Llc; $40,000.

3546 Willow Lake Cir; Buyer(s): Down South Homes Llc; Seller(s): 3 Amigos Land Co Llc, J Richard Brown; $40,000.

3566 Willow Lake Cir; Buyer(s): H Frank Geismar, Beverly G Geismar; Seller(s): 3 Amigos Land Co Llc, J Richard Brown; $40,000.

900 Mtn Creek Rd; Buyer(s): Reji George, Shyni John; Seller(s): Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp; $38,000.

1038 Graysville Rd; Buyer(s): James W Moffitt; Seller(s): Shapiro & Kirsch Llp Tr, Virginia W Smallen; $34,800.

3113 Crescent Cir; Buyer(s): John Conner Llc; Seller(s): Goshen Mortgage Reo Llc; $32,000.

GI 9836 120; Buyer(s): James M Anderson; Seller(s): Colony Land & Investments; $27,900.

1103 N Hawthorne St; Buyer(s): Malarie B Marsh; Seller(s): Restis Properties Inc; $25,000.

GI 9834 735; Buyer(s): Larry Zink, Sherri Zink; Seller(s): James R Mizell, Sharon A Mizell; $25,000.

3011 3Rd Ave; Buyer(s): Elias Juan Andres; Seller(s): Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development; $19,000.

EAST RIDGE (1) $142,500

GI 9831 333; Buyer(s): Cynthia Dianne Haynes; Seller(s): First Volunteer Bank; $142,500.

HIXSON (11) $1,576,072

5508 Seagrove Ln; Buyer(s): George C Todd, Kelsey S Todd; Seller(s): Chattanooga Properties Llc; $266,000.

1111 Jackson Mill Dr; Buyer(s): Deborah N Moore, George Jr Riessinger; Seller(s): Fatherson Partnership Two; $228,000.

1426 Windbrook Dr; Buyer(s): Bobby D Smith; Seller(s): Ruenkeow Del Bucchia, Michael Del Bucchia; $218,000.

6411 Lake Meadows Dr; Buyer(s): Patricia A Mills; Seller(s): Kenneth Bruce Pirtle, Susan Yvonne Pirtle; $175,000.

301 Masters Rd; Buyer(s): Steven A Wiertel, Debra C Wiertel; Seller(s): George Henry Jr Grant, Susan Grant Bisbee, William Thomas Grant, Theresa Lynne Grant Harper; $171,400.

5469 Mandarin Cir; Buyer(s): Jane Ellis; Seller(s): Pratt Homebuilders Llc; $169,900.

4402 Comet Trl; Buyer(s): Logan T White; Seller(s): Owen Edward Veazey, Pamela S Veazey; $142,500.

6656 Sandswitch Rd; Buyer(s): Federal National Mortgage Assn; Seller(s): Wilson & Associates Pllc Tr, Walter Lee Ii Henry; $79,772.

5626 Grubb Rd; Buyer(s): Michael D Tocco; Seller(s): Deborah Lynn Rawlston, Edwin G Rawlston; $62,500.

6614 Hillbrook Ln; Buyer(s): Eva Lane; Seller(s): Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development; $48,000.

4619 Norcross Rd; Buyer(s): Jimmy R Frost, Sally A Robinson; Seller(s): Jessie R Frost, Sarah A Frost; $15,000.

OOLTEWAH (8) $1,619,148

8046 Hampton Cove Dr; Buyer(s): Bradley M Shepperd, Lona A Shepperd; Seller(s): G T Issa Construction Llc; $384,100.

7602 Maplehurst Dr; Buyer(s): Dedrick A Allen; Seller(s): Fatherson Partnership Two; $298,000.

8366 Front Gate Cir; Buyer(s): Brian C Brown, Trudy Brown; Seller(s): Pratt Homebuilders Llc; $293,648.

8060 Fox Glove Dr; Buyer(s): Ransom R Jr Evans, Tammy D Evans; Seller(s): Marcus T Luckett, Ursula C Luckett; $280,500.

7266 Klinger Ln; Buyer(s): Kanika Wellington; Seller(s): Fatherson Partnership Two; $178,000.

7089 Buttercup Ln; Buyer(s): Deonte Grimes, Trisha Grimes; Seller(s): Thomas R Bryson; $112,900.

7234 Forest Spring Ln; Buyer(s): Curtis J Casey, Sue Ann Casey; Seller(s): Jason Tankersley, Allison Tankersley; $50,000.

7568 Palace Ct; Buyer(s): Larry A Smith, Stephanie L Smith; Seller(s): Michael S Sr Cooper; $22,000.

RED BANK (1) $80,100

215 Woodrow Ave; Buyer(s): James W Moffitt; Seller(s): Shapiro & Kirsch Llp Tr, Scott Alan Wilkes, Petra Wilkes; $80,100.

SODDY-DAISY (1) $39,900

11663 Walker Rd; Buyer(s): Russell Lewis; Seller(s): Scott A Wright, H Diane Dixon Tr; $39,900.

UNDESIGNATED (63) $14,866,559

GI 9832 540; Buyer(s): Vincent A Viscomi, Michelle L Viscomi; Seller(s): Christopher Wilson; $1,200,000.

GI 9837 372; Buyer(s): J Miller Iii Epps, Ann G Epps; Seller(s): Elizabeth L Ligon; $975,000.

24 Haney Dr, 5572 Little Debbie Pkwy, Collegedale 809 Ridgeway Ave, Signal Mountain 801 Ridgeway Ave, Signal Mountain; Buyer(s): Jeril R Iv Cooper, Kenneth C Iv Dyer; Seller(s): Dewayne B Mccamish; $766,667.

GI 9831 851; Buyer(s): Clifford P Johnson, Nasera Souidi; Seller(s): Miller Building Co Inc; $725,880.

GI 9837 508; Buyer(s): Elizabeth Libby Ligon; Seller(s): Joseph Hastings Iii Mcginness, Winifred W Mcginness; $638,600.

GI 9837 286; Buyer(s): Erik E Jansen, Tanya J Jansen; Seller(s): Edward E Blevins Tr, Catherine A Blevins, Credit Shelter Trust; $510,000.

GI 9831 908; Buyer(s): Michael Rardin; Seller(s): Daniel A Rardin, Daniel A Rardin Tr, Maida Rardin; $500,000.

GI 9836 335; Buyer(s): Jdj Properties Llc; Seller(s): Cornerstone Community Bank; $462,500.

GI 9836 337; Buyer(s): Richard M Cash, Barbara A Hecht; Seller(s): Jacquelyn M Sadowitz, Jacquelyn M Loeffler, Richard H Sadowitz; $405,000.

GI 9832 425; Buyer(s): Angelika Lingl; Seller(s): Louis A Rodela, Elaina D Rodela; $400,000.

GI 9835 697; Buyer(s): Carlton S Spence, Christa Spence; Seller(s): William Joseph Templeton, Pamela Byrum Templeton; $350,000.

GI 9834 472; Buyer(s): W Thorpe Mckenzie; Seller(s): Vincent A Viscomi, Michelle L Viscomi; $340,000.

GI 9832 614; Buyer(s): David H Alverson, Mugdha M Alverson; Seller(s): Dorothy S Schmissrauter; $335,000.

GI 9837 263; Buyer(s): Dennis Lee Gibbs, Barbara Jean Gibbs; Seller(s): Seven Lakes Associates Llc; $325,500.

GI 9837 400; Buyer(s): Joseph Hastings Iii Mcginness; Seller(s): Sarah T Gilman; $295,000.

GI 9833 746; Buyer(s): Steven G Darmody, Joni L Darmody; Seller(s): M C Becton Tr, M C Becton Revocable Trust Agreement, Reta M Becton Tr, Reta M Becton Revocable Trust Agreement; $290,000.

GI 9833 705; Buyer(s): Cynthia E Pennington, Gary Mauldin; Seller(s): Margaret N Kelley; $260,000.

GI 9837 812; Buyer(s): T & J Properties Llc; Seller(s): Darrel Crow Silvey, Maria E Silvey, Maria Esperanza Duke; $255,000.

GI 9832 991; Buyer(s): Cwhfp Llc; Seller(s): Molo-Tennessee Distributors Llc; $250,000.

GI 9837 526; Buyer(s): Fabiola Noya Delgado, Anibal Delgado; Seller(s): Seven Lakes Associates Llc; $231,000.

GI 9832 221; Buyer(s): Jerome J Simulis, Laurie A Simulis; Seller(s): Seven Lakes Associates Llc; $227,900.

GI 9832 134; Buyer(s): Joseph A Legge, Amanda Legge; Seller(s): Seven Lakes Associates Llc; $226,500.

GI 9834 204; Buyer(s): Thomas L Johnson; Seller(s): Jalaram Jyoti Inc; $225,000.

GI 9836 260; Buyer(s): Fatherson Holding Co; Seller(s): L B Austin Iii & Linda T Austin Community Property Trust, L B Iii Austin Tr, Linda T Austin Tr; $223,442.

1835 Wauhatchie Pike, 1837 Old Wauhatchie Pike, 1838 Old Wauhatchie Pike, 1832 Old Wauhatchie Pike, 3743 Craven Rd, 3710 Grandview Pl, Grandview Church St; Buyer(s): Lookout Mountain Conservancy; Seller(s): Johnnie F Page, Johnnie Faye Page, James C Page; $220,000.

GI 9837 610; Buyer(s): Jeremy K Haynes, Ashley D Haynes; Seller(s): Terry Wall; $208,000.

GI 9836 301; Buyer(s): 201 Main Street Llc; Seller(s): Lupton Co Llc; $203,060.

GI 9831 664; Buyer(s): Cmc Investors Iii Llc; Seller(s): Bp Investments Gp; $189,588.

GI 9837 471; Buyer(s): Robert J Pursley; Seller(s): Dustin C Wong, Jessica Ferrell Wong; $188,500.

GI 9837 869; Buyer(s): Todd P Boren, Amy D Boren; Seller(s): Walter M Boehm Tr; $180,500.

GI 9837 413; Buyer(s): Dustin L Wright, Jennifer L Wright; Seller(s): Jonathan Speal, Lorri Speal; $177,500.

GI 9834 201; Buyer(s): Legends Holdings Llc; Seller(s): Wells Fargo Bank Na; $175,000.

GI 9832 326; Buyer(s): Andrew J Gifford, Tabatha Lee Gifford; Seller(s): Larry Lindsey, Janet Lindsey; $174,000.

232 E 11Th St ; Buyer(s): Shawn Rakowski, Roberta J Rakowski; Seller(s): Flying B Development Llc; $150,000.

GI 9836 871; Buyer(s): Michael R Roby; Seller(s): Carl A Jr Free; $149,900.

GI 9837 548; Buyer(s): Gena M Wilson; Seller(s): Travis Lane Swafford, Katie E Swafford; $148,000.

GI 9832 193; Buyer(s): Thomas T Crittenden; Seller(s): Down South Homes Llc; $144,900.

GI 9835 714; Buyer(s): Crystal G Whitten; Seller(s): Reed W Krause, Dana Krause, Braithe Krause, Nedra Krause; $135,000.

GI 9833 627; Buyer(s): Seth M Cowan, Mora Lynn Cowan; Seller(s): William A Abney, Betty D Abney; $129,900.

GI 9832 276; Buyer(s): Angela M Wood, Robert B Jr Wood; Seller(s): Daniel Huggins, Rachel Huggins; $125,000.

GI 9832 363; Buyer(s): Ryan Pearson; Seller(s): Kelley Laureen Mccauley, India Maya Rosa Johnson, Kelley L Mccauley, Patricia Lynn Mccauley Taslimi Tr, Indica Skye Hodum Mccauley; $121,299.

GI 9836 104; Buyer(s): David Gardner; Seller(s): Ted C Moss; $120,000.

GI 9834 510; Buyer(s): Joshua L Mccullar; Seller(s): Stacie Morales, Stacie Reno, Nico Morales; $119,900.

GI 9831 822; Buyer(s): Virgil E Vandergriff, Anne S Vandergriff; Seller(s): Larry E Overby, Tresa A Overby; $118,650.

GI 9837 490; Buyer(s): Scott L Evans, Brenda J Evans; Seller(s): Delbert D Fisher & Betty L Fisher Revocable Living Trust, Delbert D Fisher Tr; $110,000.

GI 9837 580; Buyer(s): Marjorie Ruth Dickey, Nancy E Dickey; Seller(s): Candy D Royer; $109,900.

GI 9833 616; Buyer(s): Marcia B Chaney; Seller(s): David Unger, Terri Unger; $109,000.

GI 9836 280; Buyer(s): Fatherson Holding Co; Seller(s): Chattanooga Christian Community Foundation; $104,076.

GI 9833 229; Buyer(s): Vanderbilt Mortgage & Finance Inc; Seller(s): Fate W Ferguson, Anne Ferguson, Anne Michele Ferguson; $101,416.

GI 9831 968; Buyer(s): Southern Adventist University Inc; Seller(s): Moren Family Revocable Living Trust, Elliott D Moren Tr, Sandra D Moren Tr, Alyssa D Gatzimos, Elliott D Moren, Sandra D Moren; $92,500.

GI 9835 32; Buyer(s): Arturo Luna Perez, Natalie Perez; Seller(s): Mickey Hardeman, Vickie Hardeman; $89,000.

GI 9834 874; Buyer(s): Garrett Holland, Glenn Ingram; Seller(s): Northwest Georgia Bank; $80,000.

GI 9835 132; Buyer(s): John S Ii Robbs, Whitney W Robbs; Seller(s): Nona L Wheeler; $80,000.

GI 9836 248; Buyer(s): Chattanooga Christian Community Foundation; Seller(s): Michael Andrew Austin Revocable Trust, Michael Andrew Austin Tr; $72,082.

GI 9834 417; Buyer(s): Gabriel Jr Bravo; Seller(s): Scottsdale Mortgage Fund Two Llc; $67,000.

GI 9835 291; Buyer(s): Rmp Llc; Seller(s): Rita Magness, Mark Magness, Georgie L Simmons, Mark W Magness; $65,000.

GI 9836 131; Buyer(s): Callahan Properties, Rod Callahan, Karen Callahan, B J Callahan, Sandra Callahan; Seller(s): Harriett Mabry Parker; $50,000.

GI 9836 175; Buyer(s): Cornerstone Community Bank; Seller(s): William David Jones Tr; $37,600.

GI 9833 895; Buyer(s): Clara L Moore; Seller(s): Leslie S Wagenheim; $29,500.

GI 9836 252; Buyer(s): Chattanooga Christian Community Foundation; Seller(s): L B Austin Iii & Linda T Austin Community Property Trust, L B Iii Austin Tr, Linda T Austin Tr; $24,798.

GI 9833 282; Buyer(s): Cynthia Whitt; Seller(s): Brad Ferguson, Jennifer Ferguson; $20,000.

GI 9833 614; Buyer(s): Jay Branum; Seller(s): David W Mcgill, Catherine F Mcgill; $18,000.

GI 9835 320; Buyer(s): Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum Inc; Seller(s): Carrington Montague; $10,000.