Under Construction: Vine & Barrel expands Hixson location to compete in new market

Under Construction: Vine & Barrel expands Hixson location to compete in new market

August 3rd, 2014 by Dave Flessner in Business Diary

Co-owner Robbie Treadway is adding 3,000 square feet to Vine & Barrel at 5506 Hixson Pike.

Photo by Angela Lewis Foster /Times Free Press.

Illustration by Laura McNutt /Times Free Press.

• Business: Vine & Barrel.

• Location: 5506 Hixson Pike.

• Owners: Robbie Treadway and Emily C. Cameron. Treadway previously owned and operated Louie's Liquors in Chattanooga before opening Vine & Barrel in 2008.

• Project: The Hixson store, which previously had 7,000 square feet of wine and liquor displays, is adding another 3,000 square feet to become one of the largest liquor stores in the region. The expansion will allow Treadway to add nearly 800 brands of craft beer and growlers, Coca-Cola and other soft drinks as well as related food and accessories. The expanded store will have two, 15-door, walk-in coolers.

• Why now: Tennessee's new alcohol laws, which started July 1, allow liquor stores to sell beer and related items as the first step toward loosening the traditional barriers between where beer, wine and liquor is sold. By 2016, with voter approval, Chattanooga is expected to allow wine and specialty, higher-alcohol beers to be sold in grocery and convenience stores for the first time. "We decided we needed to get ahead of the changes and expand into more craft beers," Treadway said. "We had space in our building that was never finished out, so we decided to go ahead now and expand."

• Investment: $200,000

• Contractor: Renwol Construction LLC.

• Schedule: Construction on the expansion began in January and will be completed with newly stocked shelves next month in time for a grand opening by Labor Day weekend, Treadway said.