Real estate transfers

Real estate transfers

April 26th, 2009 in Business

These are the real estate transfers for the period Feb. 9-15. Information is prepared by John Dixon Auctioneers. Any questions may be addressed to John Vass Jr. at Chattanooga Times Free Press at 757-6322.



200 Manufacturers Road, Park Mills Properties LLC to Robert K.Clausen Jr., $345,000.

1202 Hanover St., Helen Diana Loyd to Gary D. Chazen, $285,000.

7710 Ashley Oaks Drive, Donald W. & Christine H. Hohman to R. Steven Thurman, $210,000.

4115 Safehaven Court, Dean Construction LLC to Tyler L. Robertson, $175,000.

7316 Midfield Drive, Joe L. & Katherine W. Cates to William E Means, $160,000.

5041 Lloyd Lane, John C. & Angela J. Ellis to Jellen LLC, $154,800.

1897 Lela Lane, Amelia Roberts to Jason P. Davis, $140,000.

6764 Hickory Manor Circle, James Walter Downey to Joseph Pietrantone, $125,000.

1239 Cranbrook Drive, Henry L. & Cathy B. McElvain to David E. Boehning, $109,500.

1214 Gadd Road, Roy Harrah to Joshua Nelson, $90,000.

6323 Wimberly Drive, Kermit & Opal L. Ramsey to Bryan B. Buchanan, $84,900.

1176 N. Moore Road, Tommy L. & Vanessa J. Woods to Airmentha T. Griffin, $76,450.

7704 Canyon Drive, Gwendolyn M. Avery to Pauline T. Garth, $74,000.

1300 Mayfield Lane, Thomas A. Austin to William E. Ramsey, $60,000.

2200 Doolittle St., Sandra Ingram to Bluegil Developers LLC, $49,001.

2919 Lightfoot Mill Road, Kimberly Yett to Bluegil Developers LLC, $35,000.

3413 6th Ave., John S. Beavers to Michael L. Doss, $30,000.

2489 Waterhaven Drive, Colony Land And Investments to Brent Mercer Construction LLC, $29,900.

4600 Tennessee Ave., Lester J. Badenoch III & Sally R. Badenoch to Emerson Anthony Burch Jr., $25,000.

3413 Sixth Ave., John S. Beavers to I Buy Houses Cash Inc., $18,000.

Mae Dell Road, Jack & Burton T. Latimer to John M. McDonald, $17,500.

3418 Clio Ave., Mike & Michelle L. Morrison to Peter Forman, $16,000.

Dell Trail, Jeffrey Mark Sandy to Cristina S. Clark, $12,500.

2912 4th Ave., Ronald W. & Martha A. Alexander to Accie C. Gross Jr., $10,000.

SUBTOTAL - $2,332,551


McGhee Road, Phillip & Sheila Mason to Cameron Scott Stewart, $221,538.

McGhee Road, Vernon & Joanne Sinclair to Jeri L. Talley, $119,000.

7613 Royal Harbour Circle, Kellie M. & Douglas L. Malin to Tommy Davidson, $30,500.

Gamble Road, John A. Lang to Keith P. Skiles, $23,500.

SUBTOTAL - $394,538


321 Michelle Drive, Robert G. & Paula A. Coontz to KC Enterprises LLC, $60,000.

1414 S. Moore Road, Modesto E. Velasquez to Neal Guffey, $45,000.

SUBTOTAL - $105,000


2624 East Wind Drive, T. J. & June H. Dalton to Jeremy Thompson, $164,900.

8917 Wellthor Circle, Thomas M. & Sandra R. Masters to Michael A. Lucchi, $130,000.

SUBTOTAL - $294,900


2225 Lyndon Ave., Marie A. Blackman, trustee, to White Oak Church of Christ, $75,000.

SUBTOTAL- $75,000


Brickhill Lane, Phillip Raymond Holmes to RMP LLC, $565,000.

1386 Osage Drive, Gregory S. Osmundsen to Benjamin M. Thompson, $183,000.

8957 Daisy Dallas Road, J. W. Thomas Jr. to Clayton E. Hulgan, $85,000.

10208 Card Road, Alan B. Sneed to Alan B. Sneed, $60,000.

SUBTOTAL - $893,000

TOTAL - $4,094,989



6180 Shallowford Road, Road At Arp-Gold-Shallowford to Valor, $480,000.

6120 Airways Blvd., LB Properties to Ball Associates, $360,000.

165 Cherry St.,Chattanooga Downtown Redevelopment Corp. to Wanda L. Beebe, $289,000.

165 Cherry St., Chattanooga Downtown Redevelopment Corp. to Charles B. Felts III, $264,000.

180 Valleybrook Road, Dasac Inc. to Todd A. Zumbrun, $70,000.

SUBTOTAL - $1,463,000

TOTAL - $1,463,000