EPB picks smart grid provider

EPB picks smart grid provider

June 3rd, 2009 by Staff Report in Business

Chattanooga's electricity provider has signed a contract with Tantalus Systems Corp. to build a fiber optic smart grid to better control electricity usage and distribution.

EPB announced Tuesday it will utilize TUNet for automatic meter reading, outage management and other applications. The contract is part of a $220 million development by EPB for a fiber optic network throughout the utility's service territory.

Tantalus will provide the software and communications equipment to operate an automated meter system for EPB's smart grid.

"EPB's vision for the future is a system that provides rapid, two-way communication with every meter, home and device," said David Wade, EPB's senior vice president. "This communications backbone network will enable EPB's electric system to be smart, self-healing and make it possible and practical for the company and consumers to interact in cost and energy efficiency programs."