Chattanooga: EMJ starts 2 service firms for builders

Chattanooga: EMJ starts 2 service firms for builders

March 17th, 2009 by Mike Pare in Business

Construction company EMJ Corp. is diversifying with the creation of two businesses as it seeks out added clients and other types of work.

Staff Photo by Angela Lewis Neil Pratt, right, and Russ Bartholomew talk Thursday in the EMJ offices about two new businesses being started by construction company EMJ Corporation.

Staff Photo by Angela Lewis Neil Pratt, right, and...

"Diversification had been on our radar screen, but the last three months we've hit it full bore," said Jay Jolley, president of the Chattanooga-based company.

Core Safety Group and Accent Construction Management will draw on the resources of EMJ, annually ranked as one of the nation's top contractors.

Mr. Jolley said, for example, that safety is paramount in the construction business.

"Why not package that and do outsourcing of some of these resources for other people," he said.

Russ Bartholomew, directing Core Safety Group, said the company offers safety consulting services. It can help businesses on safety issues ranging from assessing programs to OSHA compliance, he said.

Core can provide safety representatives to do administrative, training and auditing tasks as well.

At the site of the Volkswagen auto plant under construction at Enterprise South industrial park, the company already has done inspections for the city and expects to have other work related to the project, Mr. Bartholomew said.


EMJ has offices in Boston, Dallas, Sacramento as well as Chattanooga.

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"It will be coast to coast," he said about the business.

Mr. Jolley said many companies don't have a need for a full-time person or the ability to train its people.

"They can outsource it to Core," he said.

Neil Pratt, overseeing Accent Construction Management, said that company can help contractors with project development, financing and bringing a project to fruition.

"We can bring together the project team," he said, adding the business also can solicit bids from general contractors.

Mr. Jolley said the services are for clients which need construction help and experience.

Mr. Bartholomew said he'd like Core's staff to double in a year to six with revenues reaching about $1 million.

Mr. Pratt said he is aiming to see construction values, or the cost of projects handled by Accent, reach $16.5 million this year.