Mystery Dog Ranch 2011

Mystery Dog Ranch 2011

February 13th, 2011 in Camps And education 2011

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Mystery Dog Ranch

975 Wooten Road

Ringgold, GA 30736

(706) 935-5559


Boys, Girls or Both: Both

Ages Represented: 5-17

Programs Offered:

Horseback Riding Lessons each day,

175 Acres of Trail Riding along and

through the Peavine Creek.

Camp Description: Each camper is assigned a wonderful horse of their own for the week! Riding Lessons, Horse Safety, Grooming, and Saddling will all be achieved in order to enjoy Trail Riding and Horseback Games. Friday we'll have a riding demonstration for parents and awards for all! There will be swimming each day to cool off, snacks provided, and a weekly craft or T-die experience will occur! We "promise" EVERYONE will achieve a level of horsemanship that they did not have before. For the experienced rider you can improve your abilities with some of our more talented horses! Everyone's confidence levels will improve by the end of their Camp Week AND parents will be amazed too!