Ringgold aims to stop tire dumping

Ringgold aims to stop tire dumping

February 23rd, 2011 by Katie Ward in Catoosa

Ringgold City Manager Dan Wright wants to stop people from dumping tires illegally in two locations in the city.

"Behind Ingles people dumped 100 tires on private property," said Wright. "The property owner let us know. We got the police department and codes enforcement involved. The property owner put out a camera."

Wright said the owner would like the city of Ringgold to pick up the tires and help find the people dumping tires.

"We have prosecuted people for a number of years for dumping trash and debris and we will continue to," said Wright. "We are using cameras and motion detecting video cameras."

He said between Battlefield Parkway and I-75 another illegal dumping site is piling up with 100 more tires.

"This property owner [of the Battlefield Parkway site] lives in California" said Wright. "She asked us to put up a gate. It's not our property."

Councilman Bill McMillon said the photos shown by Wright look like an unauthorized dump.

"About four or five years ago on Battlefield Parkway someone started an unauthorized dump and the county got involved," said McMillon, adding that maybe Catoosa County could help.

Ringgold Mayor Joe Barger said the property owner of the Battlefield Parkway area is willing to pay someone to clean it up.

"You are talking $3 to $5 per tire to clean it up," said Wright. "It's outside the realm of what we do."

Vice Mayor Terry Crawford said if the Environmental Protection Agency gets involved it could be messy. He said each tire holds water that can attract mosquitoes.

• If someone sees people dumping tires or knows who is dumping tires, Ringgold City Manager Dan Wright asks that they contact Ringgold City Hall at (706) 935-3061.