LFO High School construction causes students to sound off in celebration

LFO High School construction causes students to sound off in celebration

August 27th, 2013 by Katie Ward in Catoosa

Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School Marching Band students are sounding off to let everyone know the great things to come at their home school.

Students will be able to utilize an all new library, cafeteria and gymnasium with weight rooms, practice rooms and more at the end of the fall semester.

"I'm most excited about the cafeteria construction because I love food," said LFO Marching Band senior/trombone player Chris Delmas. "I like the crispidos. It's a fried taco."

Senior Alex Hairston, a trumpet player, is more ready to see the new library open.

"I like to read a lot," said Hairston. "I read the 'Showdown' series with Ted Decker. I think the overall construction of the library will be a good expansion."

Senior James Dunwoody is looking forward to the completion of the indoor gym under construction.

"I'm excited about the gym because I'm a part of the indoor drumline," said Dunwoody, a percussionist. "We will have competitions in the gym. The basketball pep band can go in there and crank it up for the basketball games."

Senior piccolo player Cassy Flowers is equally ready to see the new gym open.

"As a soccer player it's nice to have somewhere to go when it's snowing," said Flowers. "I play every position in soccer except goalie. I'm glad we are getting the new gym."

Senior drum major Alexis Bivens said she is most ready to see the new appearance of the overall school.

"Heritage is a new school and Ringgold was updated because of the tornado, so it's our turn for an update," said Bivens. "It looks really good from the road. I will conduct gym band practices."

Senior clarinet player Chelsea Scheer is ready to participate in band get-to-gethers in the new gym.

"It's a lot better than the old gym," said Scheer. "It's more impactful for basketball fans to see."

Color guard and winter guard captain McKenzie Brown, a senior, looks forward to the high ceilings in the gym.

"You can't do a full color guard practice indoors because the ceiling is so low," she said. "I'm excited about the high ceilings in the gym for tossing the flags in the air."

Senior Erin Murphy, who is also in color guard, is ready to use the new gym, so that practices will be done earlier.

Senior Bryana Patton, who is in colorguard, is really ready to see the cafeteria expansion.

"There has never been enough room for everyone to sit and relax in the cafeteria," said Patton. "It will help lunch flow better and get through faster. It is usually just eat and go to class, with not much down-time."