Opinion: Roundup of Free Press and Times political endorsements

Opinion: Roundup of Free Press and Times political endorsements

August 1st, 2012 by Staff Report in Chattagov

Chattanooga Times and Chattanooga Free Press opinion editors made their cases for several candidates and ballot questions in Tennessee state and national primary and county general elections. Here's a look at their recent takes on Thursday's election:

District 10 State Senate race

• Free Press original endorsement: Greg Vital is the better option

• Free Press retraction: Greg Vital's tactics disgust

• Times endorsement: Democratic primary: David Testerman

State House District 27

• Free Press endorsement: Richard Floyd deserves reelection

State House District 28

• Times endorsement: Rep. Brown for 28th District

State House District 30

• Times endorsement: District 30: Sandy Morris Smith

U.S. House of Representatives District 3

• Free Press endorsement: Anyone but Mayfield

• Times endorsement: The District 3 riddle

U.S. Senate

• Free Press endorsement: Corker great of late

Hamilton County Mayor

• Free Press endorsement: Coppinger's a keeper

• Times endorsement: Coppinger vs. Wilson

Hamilton County Commission District 3

• Free Press endorsement: We support Haynes

• Times endorsement: For Mitzi Yates, District 3

Hamilton County School Board District 1

• Free Press endorsement: Taxpayers need Thurman

• Times endorsement: District 1: Katherine Benefied

Hamilton County School Board District 2

• Free Press endorsement: Welch offers a fresh voice

• Times endorsement: District 2: Jonathon Welch

Hamilton County School Board District 7

• Free Press endorsement: Slight edge to Horn

• Times endorsement: District 7: Donna Horn

Hamilton County Property Assessor

• Free Press endorsement: Bill Bennett is still best choice for assessor

• Times endorsement: Jelena Butler for Property Assessor

Hamilton County General Sessions Judge

• Free Press endorsement: Gary Starnes stands out

• Times endorsement: Starnes for session court

Chattanooga City Auditor Charter Change question

• Free Press endorsement: Audit scheme stinks

• Times endorsement: 'No' to city audit ordinance

Bradley County wheel tax

• Free Press endorsement: Bradley County boondoggle