Games to keep the kids from driving you crazy on long holiday trips

Games to keep the kids from driving you crazy on long holiday trips

November 23rd, 2009 in Chattamoms

McClatchy Newspapers

Happy holidays? Not when you're sitting in the back of a minivan driving for endless hours. Many kids will be stuck on road trips this holiday season as airlines are charging extra for special holiday travel and some families are opting to drive to holiday gatherings.

Family road trips can be long and boring. Kids have to deal with annoying siblings in a confined space. But there are ways to occupy yourself and make the trip go faster. Here are five toys that can be stuffed in a backpack and brought in the car:

Backseat scenario: You're cool taking turns with your siblings.

Try: Rubik's Revolution. This light up Rubik Cube is a new take on an old favorite and has six electronic games. In Light Speed, the little squares light up and the player must touch them quickly. In Multi-Player Madness, players must quickly pass the cube to each other (like hot potato.) Suggested retail price is $19.99. Available at toy stores such as Toys R Us.

Backseat scenario: You need to zone out and have some alone time... in a cramped car.

Try: Excalibur Fox Sports Touchdown Football. Kids can play a complete four-quarter football game with this handheld device. There are 15 plays to choose from including offense and defense. $19.99 at toy stores or

Backseat scenario: You have older and younger siblings and need a game that works with all ages.

Try: The 12-in-1 Magnetic Travel Game from Pressman Toy. This small set contains more challenging games you can play with older siblings chess, checkers, backgammon. And easier games you can play with the little ones tic tac toe, Chinese checkers. $5.29 from

Backseat scenario: You need a game that's easy to pack and durable.

Try: Uno H20 to Go. This travel version of the Uno game has 108 cards cased in clear plastic that are durable and waterproof. The cards come in a small container that attaches with a clip to a backpack or suitcase. $9.99 at Target Stores, Toys R US, or

Backseat scenario: You have a lot of siblings to include.

Try: Pass the Pigs by Winning Moves. This game requires more than two players but everyone needs to be seven or older because of the small game parts. To play, shake the container holding two tiny pigs and roll them like dice. You earn points depending how the pigs land. $12.99 at Target Stores, Toys R US, or