TIME2SAVE: Don't be scared to use coupons

TIME2SAVE: Don't be scared to use coupons

June 16th, 2010 by Time2Save in Chattamoms

Q: I'm scared of using coupons in the store. Will the cashier think I'm crazy or be upset by using them?

A: I know it can be different using a lot of coupons when shopping, but there is no need to be scared. The store will get paid back the face value plus 8ยข per coupon for accepting it. Most cashiers and stores in our area have grown accustomed to shoppers using coupons. I encourage you to always be friendly. You may want to ask the cashiers if they prefer the coupons be with the individual item or if they would rather accept them after scanning everything. Be friendly. Take the time to make sure you've gone through your coupons and are using the correct ones. The store's personnel and other shoppers will appreciate it.

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