Moms gear: The seat saver protects your car from baby detritus

Moms gear: The seat saver protects your car from baby detritus

May 30th, 2010 in Chattamoms


It seemed like a good idea at the time give the toddler a juice box and crackers to encourage a quiet car ride. Now it will cost hundreds to remove the bright pink punch stain and omnipresent cracker crumbs.

Parents can prevent upholstery stains with seat savers that are designed to catch spills, block shoe scuffs, and limit depression damage caused by car seat weight.

The Two-Stage Seat Saver from Prince Lionheart is a seat protector that can be used with both infant and booster seats. The seat saver has two parts a bottom tray and back pad that can be used separately depending on the type of safety seat in use.

The bottom tray works with rear-facing infant seats to prevent the ridges and indents that come from depression damage. As a child grows into a forward-facing booster seat, the top can be added to protect the back.

The seat saver is made with high density foam and is meant to keep car seats level and positioned properly. It also helps prevent scuff marks from little shoes as well as stains and scratches.

Available in grey, black or beige. Appropriate for latch-compatible car seat systems. $21.99 at or