October 2nd, 2011 in Chattamoms


If your "alone time" away from the kids involves popping in a yoga DVD, a new title from Gaiam videos may be just the ticket. "Kathryn Budig Aim True Yoga" is an 80-minute DVD with three separate workouts, so you don't get bored. There's a beginner's practice, a gentle workout in which Budig calmly implores you to smile through boat pose. A 45-minute flow session is next. It covers all the standard yoga postures and is designed to improve your balance and flexibility. Then, a 10-minute breakdown of poses answers all the questions a beginner might ask of a flesh-and-blood leader of a yoga practice. As a bonus, you can download a 10-minute video called "Power Up your Core." The DVD is available at and retails for $15.

-- Staff report


"The Simpsons" has been running for 22 years now (an all-time record for a TV show). With almost 500 episodes under its belt, episodes are crammed with weird and wacky characters, often with names to match, making both regular and one-shot appearances. But it's the show's more normal names that make a rich source of TV baby names. Here are some of the most usable Simpsons-inspired names:

  • Girls: Adriatica, Alaska (last name Nebraska), Astrid, Brunella, Clarice, Dorit, Edwina, Eliza, Ginger, Greta, Mabel, Manjula, Sophie, Tabitha, Zelda.
  • Boys: Anton, Aristotle, Barney, Chester, Cletus, Declan, Dewey, Gunter, Jasper, Jebediah, Leopold, Lucius, Milo, Moe, Ned, Nelson, Nigel, Otto, Race, Wendell