Chattamoms: 'Pajanimals' puppets add fun to bedtime stories

Chattamoms: 'Pajanimals' puppets add fun to bedtime stories

October 16th, 2011 in Chattamoms

A new show on Sprout, "Pajanimals" was designed to help parents with a bedtime routine for their preschoolers. Co-produced by The Jim Henson Company, "Pajanimals" airs twice each evening around bedtime.

Through their imaginary journeys, the Pajanimals model the skills preschoolers need to move through their days and nights successfully. Along the way, the Pajanimals discover how cozy and safe nighttime can really be when accompanied by friendship and songs.

The characters Sweetpea Sue the pony, the excitable duck Squacky, the creative cow CowBella and the optimistic puppy Apollo were designed and built by the world-famous Jim Henson's Creature Shop from original concepts by a Los Angeles-based toy and clothing designer, artist Jeff Muncy (Pet Alien). This inseparable quartet form a nighttime community in the comfort of their magical, shared bedroom.

-- McClatchy Newspapers