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Top 10 in Chattanooga
The Bucket List, Ten not-to-be-missed adventures for the definitive Chattanooga experience.
Entertainment in Chattanooga
Local attractions; new restaurants; festivals; Majestic 12 theater; coffeehouses; nightlife; thrift stores; groups for writers; places for hiking and biking; Summit softball complex; fishing and hunting opportunities; sporting activities and venues; golf courses; lake living; calendar of events.
Chattanooga Regional Areas
Region Roundup, Points of interest in Southeast Tennessee, North Georgia, North Alabama, Western North Carolina.
Schools in Chattanooga
School Days, Classroom innovation; Hamilton County schools by district; school systems in Southeast Tennessee and North Georgia; HOPE scholarships; colleges and universities; private schools; home-school associations.
Living in Chattanooga
Where We Live, The greening of Chattanooga; job prospects; apartment and home living; cable TV options; free Wi-Fi spots; playgrounds; good bets for breakfast.
Chattanooga Transportation
Getting Around. Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport; bus schedule; downtown shuttle service.
Life in Chattanooga
Daily Life, Churches; cultural and ethnic diversity; medical facilities; fitness and health centers; election precincts and polling places; military units deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan; animal shelters.
Why Chattanooga
Last Look, Cartoon by Clay Bennett; what others are saying about us. What makes us special? Chattanooga has many claims to fame. This year, we zero in on some of those points of pride.
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