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Finding Chattanooga green
Sunday - March 28, 2010
Chattanooga wants to go green, and its plan is out on the roof. Read more
Projects ramp up city’s prospects
Sunday - March 28, 2010
The Chattanooga area is poised to take advantage of major job-growth projects, including Volkswagen’s $1 billion plant that will begin production next year. Read more
Property managers keep rent low, offer amenities
Sunday - March 28, 2010
Newcomers looking to live in downtown Chattanooga have a variety of options, according to Lisa Wagner, community manager at The Haven at Commons Park. Read more
Area home sales forecast looks bright for 2010
Sunday - March 28, 2010
Local Realtors say this year looks promising for the Chattanooga housing market with prices for homes starting to rise. Read more
Cable competition brings lots of consumer choices
Sunday - March 28, 2010
Chattanoogans can access more and faster connections for home entertainment and communications than most any midsize city in America. Read more
Free wireless Internet holds steady in the city
Sunday - March 28, 2010
Taylor Engel, a freshman at Chattanooga State Community College, comes to Greyfriar’s coffeehouse almost every day, pulls out her laptop and studies. Read more
In a buyers’ market, sellers willing to be flexible
Sunday - March 28, 2010
Whether buyers are searching for a condo or their first home, the Chattanooga market allows consumers the ability to stretch their dollar while providing options. Read more
Area restaurants offer memorable breakfasts
Sunday - March 28, 2010
There’s nothing better than a leisurely breakfast or brunch to make your morning a memorable event, and Chattanooga offers a wealth of options. Read more
Where Chattanoogans play
Sunday - March 28, 2010
Area radio stations can be found online
Sunday - March 28, 2010
There are more than 100 radio stations in the Chattanooga area offering everything from foreign language popular hits to gospel to talk. Read more