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Grants foster classroom innovation
Sunday - March 28, 2010
In an effort to promote innovation and creative teaching in Hamilton County Schools, local insurer Unum provided $1,000 grants to some of the district’s teachers. Read more
Hamilton County schools
Sunday - March 28, 2010
Hamilton County includes a wide variety of public and private schools. For information about Hamilton County public schools, call 209-8400. Read more
Area county schools
Sunday - March 28, 2010
There are 22 school districts in the greater Chattanooga area, which includes North Georgia and Southeast Tennessee. Read more
2010 record year for HOPE scholarships
Sunday - March 28, 2010
Many changes loom on the horizon for the Tennessee lottery scholarship program. Read more
Education scholarship information
Sunday - March 28, 2010
Colleges offer options in courses of study
Sunday - March 28, 2010
There are abundant opportunities in the Tennessee Valley for higher education at more than a dozen colleges and universities. Read more
Private schools
Sunday - March 28, 2010