Chattanooga Now Oak Street Playhouse considers love 'The Second Time Around'

Chattanooga Now Oak Street Playhouse considers love 'The Second Time Around'

September 28th, 2012 by Clint Cooper in Chattanooga Now - Art


What: "Second Time Around."

When: 7:30 p.m. today, Saturday and Oct. 4-6.

Where: Oak Street Playhouse, 419 McCallie Ave. (enter at Oak and Lindsay streets).

Admission: $10 adults, $8 seniors/groups, $5 students; all tickets $8 on Thursday.

Phone: 756-2428.


If a widowed grandmother moved in with a widowed grandfather in the mid-1970s, their children's reactions would be heard throughout the neighborhood and ripple across the community: "What will people think?"

That scenario is the basis of "The Second Time Around," a comedy by Henry Denker that opens tonight at Oak Street Playhouse at First-Centenary United Methodist Church.

"Today, anything goes," said director Brenda Schwab. "It was a lot different then."

The story centers on Samuel Jonas and Laura Curtis, who meet and fall in love. When they decide to live together to keep their benefits, their children hit the roof. In time, the second and third generations become involved.

The characters, said Schwab, are "doing something their [grandchildren] would do."

She previously directed the show in the early 1980s in New Harmony, Ind., and said even then an older couple living together was something that would be whispered about. Today, though, for better or for worse, things have changed.

That's why, she said, she elected to leave the comedy in period dress -- with all the decoration and Dacron of the day.

"I describe it as a senior-citizen romantic comedy," she said. "It's endearing and sweet. It's reminiscent of Neil Simon. ... It proves even late in life, it's possible to find someone to love -- and companionship."

Husband-and-wife actors John and Nancy Hammons portray the couple.

"The characters match their personalities," said Schwab. "It's almost as if it was written for them."

The play is suggested for high school ages and up.