Chattanooga Now Exhibit developing for Polaroid shooters - Aug. 1-23, Aug. 30-31

Chattanooga Now Exhibit developing for Polaroid shooters - Aug. 1-23, Aug. 30-31

August 1st, 2013 by Staff Report in Chattanooga Now - Art

The owner of a new analog-based studio on the North Shore has scheduled an exhibit at the end of the month, and the artwork will come from customers.

No prior experience is required, but Diana Edwards is asking that potential artists attend a workshop that resurrects a medium that seems decidedly old school: Polaroid photography. Her shop, Studio Space Junk, has three qualifying workshops available.

• Content & Composition -- Plan on two to three hours to learn the basics, then take a field trip into Coolidge Park for an instant practice session ($50).

• Impossible Film Manipulations -- This three-hour session teaches emulsion lifts, negative bleaching and image manipulation, a technique used to replicate the look of a watercolor painting ($50).

• The Pack Attack -- Set at one to two hours, this workshop focuses on the Polaroid land camera and Fuji instant film. Participants will learn how everything works, take a field trip to shoot photos, then return to the shop to attempt image transfers onto watercolor paper ($35).

Workshop costs are summer introductory prices and are subject to change. A $10 nonrefundable deposit is required.

Edwards also offers a 20-minute free session called Intro to Your Camera and Impossible Project Integral Film, which introduces the types of self-developing cameras and the difference between Impossible Project and the old Polaroid film.

Impossible manufactures instant film for traditional Polaroid cameras at the original production plant in the Netherlands, thus keeping analog film from becoming extinct and preventing what the company estimates are "more than 300 million perfectly functioning cameras from becoming obsolete," according to

Workshops, open to all ages, are filled by appointment. The shop, 436 Frazier Ave., is open 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday through Friday and at random hours Saturdays.

"Walk-ins are welcome, but I might not always be available," Edwards says. She suggests calling first, 423-531-6066.

She also can be reached by email at The studio's website is

Images created during the workshops will be used in the exhibit, set for Aug. 30-31. Entries will be due by 6 p.m. Friday, Aug. 23. There is no cost to have work included in the show.