Chattanooga Now New salads for summer

Chattanooga Now New salads for summer

July 7th, 2013 in Chattnow Dining

GollyWhoppers Sandwich Shoppe is introducing new entrée salads for summer and welcomes guests to schedule catered events with trays of fresh sandwiches, sides and desserts.

"We've got a new Asian grilled chicken salad and Greek grilled chicken salad this summer," says Dave Hendrix, who owns and operates the popular East Brainerd eatery with his wife, Durene. "Most people get the salad bar because they can eat all they want off of it, but this gives them another option for an entrée salad."

The new summer items don't stop there. The new strawberry shortcake bar in the dessert case tastes like strawberry cheesecake, says Hendrix.

The Asian grilled chicken salad is prepared with chopped lettuce, sliced almonds, crunchy Chinese noodles, grilled chicken and an Asian dressing. The new Greek grilled chicken salad incorporates chopped lettuce, grilled chicken, tomato, onion, black olives, feta cheese and a Greek dressing.

Always a favorite, the Golly-Whoppers Waldorf salad is an employee and guest favorite. Served only on Fridays, it is prepared with fresh apple pieces, grapes, walnuts and a special sweet sauce. Diners can have the Waldorf on its own or on a large crusty croissant.

GollyWhoppers Sandwich Shoppe

LOCATION: 6337 East Brainerd Road.

PHONE: 855-2001.

FAX: 855-2126.

HOURS: Monday-Friday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

To make meals convenient for those with short lunch breaks, guests are welcome to call or fax in orders for pickup.

"They can fax in an order and we have menus online," Hendrix says. "Or they can call the shop and we'll fax one to them and they can fax it back. They just circle what they want and fax it over to us and we'll have their food ready for them when they arrive."

For those who can't get enough of GollyWhoppers' mouthwatering sandwiches, salads and freshly baked desserts, the restaurant's rewards card pays off in free food. A guest who spends more than $7 at a meal gets their first rewards card. After ordering 10 meals that cost more than $7 each, the holder of the first, or white, card receives a $10 lunch for free. The second level, or blue card, provides the card holder with a $12 lunch after purchasing 10 meals that cost $7 or more. Finally, gold card holders receive a $15 lunch after purchasing 10 meals that cost at least $7, after which they can start over with a new gold card.

Want to share with others? Guests are welcome to order sandwich trays for large parties. The sandwiches can either be fixed with all the trimmings or guests can order basic combinations of meat and bread along with a condiment tray on the side. This option gives the diners more freedom to design their own personal sandwiches.

To round out the meal, there are three sizes of GollyWhopppers' sides (potato salad, pasta salad, baked beans, coleslaw and broccoli salad) for catering. The medium bowl feeds 10-15, the large feeds 25- 30 and the catering pan is enough for 45-50 people. GollyWhoppers also offers trays full of the restaurant's house-made desserts in bites and bars. Guests looking for healthier desserts can order a fresh fruit bowl or tray.

"We've got a fruit tray which is a big tray and does anywhere to 40-50 people, but now there is also a fruit bowl which feeds 10-15 people. It's just a bowl of mixed fruit, whereas the tray is a little more organized with the fruit separated. We brought the bowl in because a lot of people don't need that much fruit." ?