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Mind Coffee: Is the third film of a movie trilogy always bad?

Published Jul. 20 2017

Just how long can something go before it wears out?

Film review: In 'Valerian,' cosmic splendor struggles for liftoff

Published Jul. 20 2017

When even most of the good spectacles carry a strong whiff of prepackaging, try taking in the air of Luc...

Mind Coffee: Dealing with DVR bloat is bringing me down

Published Jul. 6 2017

How many TV shows do you have sitting unwatched on your DVR? How many movies?

Film review: 'A Ghost Story' casts a bizarre spell [trailer]

Published Jul. 6 2017

A fatal, off-screen car crash interrupts the picturesque, suburban lives of a young married couple in David Lowery's "A Ghost...

Film review: Coppola's 'The Beguiled' disturbing and beautiful

Published Jun. 22 2017

"The Beguiled" is a strange and uncomfortable film in both of its iterations.

Film review: 'It Comes at Night' is brisk psychological thriller [trailer]

Published Jun. 8 2017

"It Comes at Night " has the title of a horror film and, at times, the mood of one, but...

Film review: 'Captain Underpants' delights with humor for all [trailer]

Published Jun. 8 2017

"Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie" is childish and silly. Of course, anyone of the animated feature film's target audience...

Enjoy a movie in the great outdoors in Chickamauga, Ga.

Published Jun. 8 2017

"The Jungle Book" will be the featured film Friday, June 9, when Movies in the Park is held in Holland...

AMC theaters announce summer kids' movies

Published Jun. 1 2017

AMC Theatres kick off summer movie-going with the start of its nine-week AMC Classic Summer Movie Camp on Monday, June...

Film review: 'Wonder Woman' film and star live up to the name [trailer]

Published Jun. 1 2017

It's taken 76 years for the comic book character Wonder Woman to lasso her way onto the big screen in...

'Amazon Adventure 3D' arrives at Tennessee Aquarium's Imax

Published May. 25 2017

Naturalist and explorer Henry Walter Bates braved perilous storms and contracted diseases that left him on death's door as he...

Film review: Not even Dwayne Johnson can rescue 'Baywatch' [trailer]

Published May. 25 2017

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has so much charisma it can be seen from space. His charisma should be considered a...

Film review: Fifth 'Pirates of the Caribbean' flick fights bloat [trailer]

Published May. 25 2017

The opening scene of the new "Pirates of the Caribbean" is a fitting metaphor for where we stand in this...

Film review: Bryan Cranston shines in moody, escapist 'Wakefield' [video]

Published May. 18 2017

Have you ever fantasized about one day walking away from your well-ordered life? Just ditching work and the humdrum routine...

Watch movies under the stars in Chickamauga

Published May. 11 2017

The city of Chickamauga, Ga., will launch a monthly series of free outdoor movies beginning Friday, May 12, in Holland-Watson...

Film review: 'Alien: Covenant' is a return to gut-busting horror

Published May. 11 2017

Ah, the siren song of John Denver. Who among us can resist it? Certainly, not the crew of the Covenant,...

Film review: Sniper flick 'The Wall' shoots itself in the foot [trailer]

Published May. 11 2017

Not long into the film "The Wall," two U.S. soldiers find themselves pinned down by sniper fire in a remote...

Cine-Rama Palace Picture House opens with 'Colossal' [videos]

Published Apr. 27 2017

Cine-Rama Palace Picture House opens to the public on Friday, April 28, establishing itself as Chattanooga's only independent cinema.

Film review: 'Guardians' returns and it's better than the first [trailer]

Published Apr. 27 2017

In James Gunn's sequel to his swashbuckling space Western, the Guardians of the Galaxy do their version of "The Empire...

City Beat: Young actor with Chattanooga roots starring in new movie

Published Apr. 20 2017

"Wild Man," the independently produced comedy, will be shown this weekend at the Nashville Film Festival and it stars George...

Mind Coffee: Will Starz shoot new miniseries at Rock City?

Published Apr. 20 2017

In 2001, "American Gods" won the Hugo and Nebula awards as the best science-fiction novel of the year, as well...

Film review: When the bullets fly, 'Free Fire' comes to a crawl [trailer]

Published Apr. 20 2017

The shootout, often a ballet, is a battle royale in Ben Wheatley's "Free Fire."

Film review: 'The Lost City of Z' is a mesmerizing adventure [trailer]

Published Apr. 19 2017

Modest and majestic at once, the films of James Gray patiently burrow their way into the souls of their characters...