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Lookout Wild Film Festival: 79 films in four days

Published Jan. 17 2018

Where can you watch 79 films for $30?

'Jumanji' tops 'The Post,' 'The Commuter' at box office

Published Jan. 14 2018

Meryl Streep, Liam Neeson, Taraji P. Henson and Paddington Bear and all rushed into movie theaters over Martin Luther King...

'Maudie' and 'Pirates' highlight 2017's worst movies

Published Dec. 29 2017

It's sometimes daunting to realize that when foreigners think of American movies, they think of our garbage, such as "Justice...


'Conquest of the Skies 3D' brings spectacular shots of gravity-defying creatures to aquarium [trailer]

Published Dec. 27 2017

Whether they're made of scales, feathers or skin, every flap of an animal's wings is a testament to nature's miraculous...

Film review: Christopher Plummer rescues 'All the Money in the World' from the dustbin [trailer]

Published Dec. 27 2017

"The quality of mercy is not strained," Portia tells Shylock in "The Merchant of Venice." It is "twice blest; it...

Film review: Children's book 'Ferdinand' jumps to screen nicely [trailer]

Published Dec. 27 2017

This holiday season, there's all manner of conflict at your local movie theater — Jedis battling in the stars, Winston...

Film review: 'Pitch Perfect 3' not the high note of the series [trailer]

Published Dec. 27 2017

It's a good thing "Pitch Perfect 3 " is billed as the farewell tour for this musical franchise.

Film review: 'Downsizing' is a big-picture film about little people [trailer]

Published Dec. 26 2017

It's hard to say what's better about the first half of Alexander Payne's wonderfully weird — or is it weirdly...

Mind Coffee: CGI overload causing me to lose track of some films I've seen

Published Dec. 20 2017

As a fan of the "Star Wars" universe, I plan to see "The Last Jedi."

Heritage House hosting two screenings of 'The Bishop's Wife'

Published Dec. 20 2017

Heritage House Arts and Civic Center is hosting two screenings of "The Bishop's Wife" Thursday, Dec. 21, at 2 and...

Film review: 'The Last Jedi' a welcome disturbance in the Force [trailer]

Published Dec. 13 2017

A welcome disturbance in the Force, Rian Johnson's "The Last Jedi" is, by wide measure, the trippiest, scrappiest and most...

Film review: In 'Disaster Artist,' Franco finds his masterpiece [trailer]

Published Dec. 6 2017

Who is Tommy Wiseau?

Film review: Harding tale 'I, Tonya' sticks the landing [trailer]

Published Dec. 6 2017

"I, Tonya" is the Tonya Harding film you never knew you wanted: an outrageously entertaining reappraisal of the Olympic figure...

Film review: As moving as it is colorful, 'Coco' a joy for all [trailer]

Published Nov. 23 2017

At first, Disney-Pixar's latest, "Coco," sounds a lot like the 2014 Fox film "The Book of Life."

In 'Justice League,' DC looks beyond Batman and Superman [trailer]

Published Nov. 16 2017

Peace never reigns in the pages of DC Comics. There's always a world to be saving, a cataclysm to avert....

'Dunkirk' begins three-weekend run at Imax Theater

Published Nov. 9 2017

Director Christopher Nolan's "Dunkirk" has been hailed as a "gripping" and "gut-wrenching" masterpiece. Some critics are even predicting the film...

Review: 'Thor: Ragnarok' takes the god to funny heights

Published Nov. 6 2017

In the stand-alone films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Thor always seemed to get the short end of the stick.

Mind Coffee: 'Walking Dead' hits 100, but still moving slow

Published Oct. 26 2017

For a TV series to reach 100 episodes is an admirable feat, no doubt. When your show is about flesh-chomping...

Special two-day screening marks 30th anniversary of 'The Princess Bride'

Published Oct. 12 2017

Thirty years after its release, the endlessly quotable adventure-romance-fantasy-comedy "The Princess Bride" is returning to movie theaters.

Mind Coffee: It took 35 years, but 'Blade Runner 2049' sequel gets it right

Published Oct. 12 2017

Putting together a movie sequel is sort of like walking down a wooden staircase in your sock feet.

'Hurricane 3D' takes viewers into eye of the storm

Published Sep. 28 2017

Penetrating swirling bands of wind and blinding rain is never routine for the crews who fly into the center of...


Your favorite Disney Princess movies are back on the big screen

Published Sep. 21 2017

Dust off your tiara, it's time to head to AMC Theatres for the "Dream Big, Princess" series, which brings back...

Mind Coffee: What are some truly scary films I can check out?

Published Sep. 21 2017

I saw "It" over the weekend. I liked it very much. It's one of the best film adaptations of a...