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'Dunkirk' begins three-weekend run at Imax Theater

Published Nov. 9 2017

Director Christopher Nolan's "Dunkirk" has been hailed as a "gripping" and "gut-wrenching" masterpiece. Some critics are even predicting the film...

Review: 'Thor: Ragnarok' takes the god to funny heights

Published Nov. 6 2017

In the stand-alone films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Thor always seemed to get the short end of the stick.

Mind Coffee: 'Walking Dead' hits 100, but still moving slow

Published Oct. 26 2017

For a TV series to reach 100 episodes is an admirable feat, no doubt. When your show is about flesh-chomping...


Special two-day screening marks 30th anniversary of 'The Princess Bride'

Published Oct. 12 2017

Thirty years after its release, the endlessly quotable adventure-romance-fantasy-comedy "The Princess Bride" is returning to movie theaters.

Mind Coffee: It took 35 years, but 'Blade Runner 2049' sequel gets it right

Published Oct. 12 2017

Putting together a movie sequel is sort of like walking down a wooden staircase in your sock feet.

'Hurricane 3D' takes viewers into eye of the storm

Published Sep. 28 2017

Penetrating swirling bands of wind and blinding rain is never routine for the crews who fly into the center of...

Your favorite Disney Princess movies are back on the big screen

Published Sep. 21 2017

Dust off your tiara, it's time to head to AMC Theatres for the "Dream Big, Princess" series, which brings back...

Mind Coffee: What are some truly scary films I can check out?

Published Sep. 21 2017

I saw "It" over the weekend. I liked it very much. It's one of the best film adaptations of a...

Film Review: 'Ingrid Goes West' a perfect fit to showcase Aubrey Plaza's talents

Published Aug. 31 2017

"Ingrid Goes West" is an ideal vehicle for Aubrey Plaza, in that it taps into everything we know she can...

Mind Coffee: 'Dark Tower' a big 'meh,' but TV series might be better

Published Aug. 17 2017

Went to see "The Dark Tower." My "expert" opinion? A resounding "meh."

New York Film Festival selects Gerwig, Varda for main slate

Published Aug. 10 2017

Films by Greta Gerwig, Sean Baker and Agnes Varda are headed to the 55th New York Film Festival.

Review: 'The Emoji Movie' may be meh, but it's not evil

Published Aug. 7 2017

There are five stages of grief in preparing to watch "The Emoji Movie."


Tennessee Aquarium's Sharkfest adds screenings of 'Shark Clans'

Published Aug. 3 2017

You won't need a bigger boat, but you will need a ticket to check out these sharks.

Mind Coffee: U.S. films edited to reach foreign audiences

Published Aug. 3 2017

Last weekend, the No. 1 movie in the U.S. was "Dunkirk," which nabbed about $28 million and has earned about...

Mind Coffee: Is the third film of a movie trilogy always bad?

Published Jul. 20 2017

Just how long can something go before it wears out?

Film review: In 'Valerian,' cosmic splendor struggles for liftoff

Published Jul. 20 2017

When even most of the good spectacles carry a strong whiff of prepackaging, try taking in the air of Luc...

Mind Coffee: Dealing with DVR bloat is bringing me down

Published Jul. 6 2017

How many TV shows do you have sitting unwatched on your DVR? How many movies?

Film review: 'A Ghost Story' casts a bizarre spell [trailer]

Published Jul. 6 2017

A fatal, off-screen car crash interrupts the picturesque, suburban lives of a young married couple in David Lowery's "A Ghost...

Film review: Coppola's 'The Beguiled' disturbing and beautiful

Published Jun. 22 2017

"The Beguiled" is a strange and uncomfortable film in both of its iterations.

Film review: 'It Comes at Night' is brisk psychological thriller [trailer]

Published Jun. 8 2017

"It Comes at Night " has the title of a horror film and, at times, the mood of one, but...

Film review: 'Captain Underpants' delights with humor for all [trailer]

Published Jun. 8 2017

"Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie" is childish and silly. Of course, anyone of the animated feature film's target audience...

Enjoy a movie in the great outdoors in Chickamauga, Ga.

Published Jun. 8 2017

"The Jungle Book" will be the featured film Friday, June 9, when Movies in the Park is held in Holland...

AMC theaters announce summer kids' movies

Published Jun. 1 2017

AMC Theatres kick off summer movie-going with the start of its nine-week AMC Classic Summer Movie Camp on Monday, June...