Chattanooga Now In Tune: Best summer bars for vampires, daywalkers

Chattanooga Now In Tune: Best summer bars for vampires, daywalkers

August 8th, 2013 by Casey Phillips in Chattnow Music

Like the cicadas<em> </em>that reliably emerge from underground dormancy in massive, synchronized swarms every 13 or 17 years, most of my friends would probably describe me as a creature of habit.

Although I can&#8217;t be sure, I doubt I&#8217;d be as delicious deep-fried as the <em>magicicada </em>&#8212; which reportedly taste a bit like asparagus &#8212; but like my insectile counterparts, I am certainly a fan of my routines.

My grocery shopping takes almost no time because I buy pretty much the same things week after week and eat the same things night after night; my monthly water bill rarely deviates by more than a dollar; and I can predict, to within a minute or two, precisely how long it will take to complete my biking circuit.

Another area in which I am reliably single-minded is the small circuit of bars where I spend my time each summer when I&#8217;m driven indoors by an animal fear of sunburns and sweating.

• As a huge fan of billiards, I love spending Friday nights with a visit to the downtown branch of the Chattanooga Billiard Club (725 Cherry St.). The renovations enacted a few years ago turned this into a mecca for pool, so long as you&#8217;re not averse to disrobing before entering your house at the end of the night, lest it smell like the smoky foyer to Hades.

• Another favorite shadowy clime is The Social (1110 Market St.), which lives up to its claim as a &#8220;good place to drink,&#8221; especially while enjoying a glass of vino with friends at a semiprivate table with a view of the street.

If you&#8217;re more of the tanning type, here are some choice alternatives for enjoying the sun instead of avoiding it.

• For a killer downtown vista, nothing beats the view from the deck of the Delta Queen riverboat in Coolidge Park, but you better hurry because a vote in July by the U.S. House Transportation Committee soon may send her to Cincinnati.

• For fans of fried tubers, the tater tots at Pickle Barrel (1012 Market St.) are surpassed only by the bar&#8217;s rooftop patio, which is an especially pleasant place to sit back and watch the sun set.

• Since it opened in September 2011, the open-air back patio of Brewhaus (224 Frazier Ave.) has been one of my favorite CBC alternatives. On the rare occasions when I re-emerge into the sunlight, I love to enjoy a plate of creamy spatzle egg noodles and a massive 34-ounce stein of beer while watching the tourists wander across the Walnut Street Bridge.

Yeah, I&#8217;m a creature of habit, but a good bar is hard to find, so when I stumble on one, it&#8217;s hard to feel inclined to look elsewhere. Think you can sway me? Email me your most tempting alternatives, and I&#8217;ll consider going off-script.

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