Chattanooga Now The Communicators tackle Jane's Addiction's second album - July 6

Chattanooga Now The Communicators tackle Jane's Addiction's second album - July 6

July 4th, 2013 by Casey Phillips in Chattnow Music


What: The Communicators present Jane's Addiction's "Nothing's Shocking," featuring SharkWeek and Moon Slew reunion.

When: 9:30 p.m. Saturday, July 6

Where: Rhythm & Brews, 221 Market St.

Admission: $10

Phone: 423-267-4644


The Communicators rock out at Rhythm & Brews.

The Communicators rock out at Rhythm & Brews.

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• 1987: "Jane's Addiction"

• 1988: "Nothing's Shocking"

• 1990: "Ritual de lo Habitual"

• 2003: "Strays"

• 2011: "The Great Escape Artist:

• 2013: "Live in NYC"

After hearing just a few lines from Perry Farrell, it's easy to imagine how the pipes of The Communicators' frontman TJ Greever could come eerily close to mimicking Jane's Addiction's lead singer.

Saturday, July 6, Greever and his compatriots in local tribute super group The Communicators will put their sonic doppelganger skills to the test as they perform a start-to-finish rendition of "Nothing's Shocking," the Los Angeles-based alt-rock band's sophomore album.

"I've never met anybody in my life who was made to sing this stuff more than TJ," says drummer Jonathan Susman, a fellow founder of The Communicators with Greever and bassist Dan "Danimal" Pinson. "There were times [at practice] when we finished songs, looked at each other and were like, 'What the hell? That sounds like the album.'"

Susman, Greever and Pinson are all members of local indie rock trio Glowing Bordis, the core of The Communicators, which has featured a rotating cast of guest musicians since its inception in late 2011. Saturday's performance will be the latest in a string of about a dozen shows featuring sets based on '90s music, soundtracks or built around a theme.

In a sense, playing "Nothing's Shocking" at Rhythm & Brews will be a return to form for The Communicators, which burst onto the scene with performances of The Beastie Boys' "Ill Communication" and Beck's "Odelay" albums. The last album-centric show was nine months ago, when the group performed renditions of the soundtracks to "Boogie Nights" and "Pulp Fiction."

This concert also will include guitarist Bill Robinson -- of Oxxen and Red Necklace fame -- but Susman says the real shocker will probably be former Moon Slew lead guitarist Jeff Joyner.

"There are people who know Jeff Joyner to be this bluegrass musician for years and years, but when I first met him, he was an electric guitarist," he says. "What he's doing now is what I first met him doing."

The Communicators will take about an hour to perform "Nothing's Shocking," with individual Jane's Addiction songs cherry-picked to serve as encores. The night will open with performances by local rock quartet SharkWeek and a reunited Moon Slew.

Although no Jane's Addiction songs have ever been featured at a Communicators show, the group has always wanted to tackle the band's music, says Susman, who -- like Joyner -- has been a Jane's Addiction fan since childhood.

"I remember taking it and going and just getting addicted to a lot of their stuff," he says, laughing. "[Jane's Addiction's] Stephen Perkins is probably one of the best drummers around and also one of the hardest to imitate. He's just ridiculously good."

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• Release date: Aug. 23, 1988

• Recorded at: Eldorado Studios, Los Angeles

• Label: Warner Brothers

• Length: 45:13

• RIAA certification: Platinum (on June 1, 1991)

• Highest chart position: 103 on the Billboard Top 200

• Singles: "Jane Says"


• 1. "Up on the Beach"

• 2. "Ocean Size"

• 3. "Had a Dad"

• 4. "Ted, Just Admit It ..."

• 5. "Standing in the Shower ... Thinking"

• 6. "Summertime Rolls"

• 7. "Mountain Song"

• 8. "Idiots Rule"

• 9. "Jane Says"

• 10. "Thank You Boys"

• 11. "Pigs in Zen"