Chattanooga Now Avett Brothers set for sold-out show

Chattanooga Now Avett Brothers set for sold-out show

December 30th, 2011 by Barry Courter in Chattnow Outabout


Avett Brothers songs turn up on television periodically. Among them:

* "If It's the Beaches" was featured in Season 2 of "Friday Night Lights" and included on the soundtrack album, "Friday Night Lights Vol. 2."

* "Kick Drum Heart" was featured in the opening scene for the pilot of "Parenthood" and included on the show's soundtrack. "Slight Figure of Speech" was played in the background in another episode.

* "Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise" was featured as background music on the 10th season of "American Idol" and in the promos for the final season of the TNT show "Saving Grace."

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* What: The Avett Brothers in concert.

* When: 8 tonight.

* Where: Track 29, 1400 Market St.

* Admission: Sold out.

* Phone: 521-2929.


* 2000: "The Avett Bros." (EP)

* 2002: "Country Was," "Live at the Double Door Inn"

* 2003: "A Carolina Jubilee"

* 2004: "Swept Away" (EP), "Mignonette"

* 2005: "Live, Vol. 2"

* 2006: "The Gleam" (EP), "Four Thieves Gone: The Robbinsville Sessions"

* 2007: "Emotionalism"

* 2008: "The Second Gleam"

* 2009: "I and Love and You"

* 2010: "Live, Volume 3"

The 1,700 people who were lucky enough to buy a ticket for tonight's sold-out Avett Brothers' show at Track 29 will see a band that has gone from playing clubs and small venues to drawing huge crowds at outdoor festivals in a few years.

Track 29 is a relatively small venue, which should make for an intimate show, and that is what some fans are most excited about tonight's concert.

"I think Track 29 is a good place for them to play," said 24-year-old Sarah Chastain. "It's big enough to support the demand for the tickets, but in the same sense, it's very intimate.

"Plus, we stood in line about three hours, and Track 29 was cool enough to bring out coffee and doughnuts."

Chastain said she likes the band's energy during live shows.

"It's impossible to see them and be in a bad mood," she said.

The show technically sold out in 27 seconds, according to venue co-owner Adam Kinsey. Some tickets were sold in advance to fan-club members, he said, and the remainder were gone as soon as the box-office window opened and the online sales option started.

"It was crazy," he said.

Brothers Seth and Scott Avett, along with bassist Bob Crawford, play a blend of rock, folk, country, bluegrass and pop that is wrapped around their special harmonies. Their last studio album, "I and Love and You," made them stars, thanks in part to the production of Rick Rubin, who signed them to his label.

"The Avetts' songs have such a sincere emotional resonance," he said in their online biography. "The purity of the messages stops you in your tracks. It's unusual to hear such open-hearted personal sentiment from young artists today."

In the same space, Seth is quoted as saying the album turned out like he always imagined the band could sound.

"It's how I've always wanted our band to sound," Seth said. "What I like is an absolute presentation of clarity. It's not that I want to be glossy, and I don't know that we ever could be glossy in the way that some pop artists are. But I love music you can grasp hold of because there's no mistaking what the person is saying and presenting, and I feel like we've come the closest to that on 'I and Love and You.' "