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Monday - Oct. 31, 2011
Just like humans, our dogs (and cats) age. They get gray hair, their vision and hearing diminish, they move a little slower and require more doctor visits. Read more
Monday - Oct. 3, 2011
Celebrate National Walk Your Dog Week this week by getting out and exercising your canine pal. Read more
Monday - Sept. 26, 2011
To the millions of dog owners in the United States, the thought of their beloved pet getting stolen is a nightmare. Unfortunately, pet theft is on the rise, and owners need to be vigilant about protecting Fido. Read more
Monday - Sept. 26, 2011
Giving pills to your pet may be more traumatic for you than the animal, but it doesn’t have to be. Read more
Monday - Sept. 12, 2011
You see their photos on telephone poles, on storefront windows, in newspaper advertisements and in veterinarians’ offices. Read more
Monday - Aug. 29, 2011
Experts say there is no reason cats and dogs can't live together peacefully. Read more
Monday - Aug. 22, 2011
Four area animal shelters are joining forces to help dogs and cats find loving homes. Read more
Monday - Aug. 15, 2011
According to a recent national driving survey, the majority of Americans enjoy riding with their furry best friends, even if it means dealing with pet-related distractions. Read more
Monday - Aug. 8, 2011
The Humane Educational Society is gearing up for its 11th Paws in the Park fundraising event on Oct. 9 at Baylor School. Read more
Monday - July 25, 2011
Do you know the city's laws regarding animals? Read more
Monday - July 18, 2011
With the help of grant funding, McKamey Animal Care and Adoption Center started a program on July 1 to help one of the dog world’s most demonized breeds. Read more
Saturday - June 18, 2011
Dozens of animals left homeless by the spring tornadoes in Alabama will arrive in Kentucky and southern Indiana where shelters have agreed to take care of them. Read more
Saturday - June 11, 2011
Do you keep your dog and your home nice and clean, but have been noticing some bad pet odors recently? Read more
Friday - June 3, 2011
Cookie hadn’t been herself for a while. Read more
Friday - May 27, 2011
Life after the military is looking brighter than ever for America’s four-legged veterans since one of their own helped in the mission to kill Osama bin Laden. Read more

Funny Video: Proper Opossum Massage

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Posted: Tuesday - Jan. 4, 2011
Do you plan on volunteering at an animal shelter in 2011?

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