Keeping Chattanooga dog-friendly

Keeping Chattanooga dog-friendly

April 25th, 2011 by Karen Nazor Hill in Chattapets

DoGood, a volunteer group of area citizens promoting dog-friendly spaces, reminds Chattanooga-area residents to be responsible dog owners.

The group, which worked last year with the city's Parks and Recreation staff to open the Walnut Street Bridge to dogs on leashes, said area pet owners need to be vigilant about keeping dogs on leashes, carrying extra doggie waste bags and picking up after their dogs.

"There is much more to being a responsible owner, but we are focusing on those three steps," said DoGood spokeswoman Karen Roach.

The group formed to create more dog-friendly spaces to accommodate the influx of pet owners moving to the North Shore and downtown communities, Roach said.

"Many of the residents are empty-nesters whose companions are canine," she said. "Many people moved close to the riverfront and suddenly realized they were very limited in the places they could take their dogs. We worked hard to see Ross's Landing and the Walnut Street Bridge opened [to dogs], and now we are working hard to keep those areas clean."

Chattanooga was recently named by as one of the Top 10 vacation/resort areas in the United States to travel with your dog, Roach said.

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