Chatter No elimination surprises, but who will be the next to go?

Chatter No elimination surprises, but who will be the next to go?

April 28th, 2009 by Anne Braly and Christine Simmons in Chatter

ANNE BRALY: Well, it came as no surprise to me that Lil Rounds was voted off last week. I was hoping she would be the next to go. She seems like a great person, but her singing just couldn't stand up to the others. Same goes for Anoop Desai. I was thinking earlier last week that they would be the next to exit. But from here, I really don't know. As judge Randy Jackson said, the final seven were the most talented group in "American Idol's'' history. So now that there are just five, competition is stiff. And you know what, I'm even wondering if Adam Lambert will make it. Seems as though he's getting a little big for his britches. Did anyone notice during last week's disco show, choreographed by judge Paula Abdul, that he was the only one who didn't wear sunglasses. Is it that he can't see in the dark or was he not wanting to smudge his makeup or hide his eyes?

CHRISTINE SIMMONS: At the risk of stating the obvious, Lambert definitely seems to be in touch with his feminine side. Having said that, though, the boy can rock! And dance. He just amazes me every week, but I haven't really noticed him having an attitude as much as I think some of his performances cross the line from confident to self-indulgent.

I really felt sorry for Rounds last week. Making her walk across the stage to be in the bottom three and springing on her that she was out before she could even sit down when they weren't even going to announce two more in the first round. Then she had to sing. That's just such an enormous amount of pressure.

ANNE: Yes, it was, but she was able to sing without falling apart, which many contestants have not been able to do, particularly the females. Can you say Tatiana del Toro? No? How quickly we forget. But back to the present: Here's my prediction in the order they will go for the remainder of the season: Allison Iraheta (too young, not daring enough; good voice but everything sounds the same: rocker through and through); Matt Giraud (just don't think his luck can hold out); Kris Allen (Gosh, I hate to say this because I really do like him, but he's just not as strong as Danny Gokey and Lambert); Gokey (Could there please be two American Idols this year?); Lambert (just because he's the best). But all that could change this week.

CHRISTINE: I pretty much agree with you Anne, except for Iraheta. It's rare to see someone so young who has the passion and soul that she does. I would love to see her in the final two, but I don't think she'll have the votes.

I really think Lambert has it all wrapped up, but we have been shocked before. At this point in the competition the doors are wide open for all the contestants to have a very bright future no matter who wins.

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