Chatter In Tune: Truth & Salvage Co.

Chatter In Tune: Truth & Salvage Co.

October 1st, 2011 in Chatter

Are you a creature of habit? Do you take long road trips and wear out your CDs by The Eagles and The Band (because really, bands like these produced great road trip songs)? Well, this newer L.A. outfit may be able to salvage your sanity by providing a new American rock-n-roll album that will give you a break from the replay of songs like "The Weight" and "Hotel California."

Truth & Salvage Co. are an Americana group based out of L.A.

Truth & Salvage Co. are an Americana group...

It is yet to be determined if any of the songs from Truth & Salvage Co.'s debut album will catch on with the masses and become classics, but it can easily be agreed upon that their first collection of songs is easy to listen to and enjoyable from beginning to end.

This roots rock collection formed in L.A. after all six musicians moved there to expand their musical careers. The band Scrappy Hamilton from Asheville, N.C., had relocated to California, where members of the band started playing on the side with the former frontman from Indiana band Old Pike and a talented Mississippi musician. Made up of four vocalists and tight musicianship, this side project soon started turning heads and Truth & Salvage Co. was born.

After touring in support of the Black Crowes, lead singer Chris Robinson signed the band to his new record label and produced their 2010 debut album. Since then, they have shared the stage with bands such as The Avett Brothers and Gov't Mule. With a mix of country and rock-n-roll, this rising Americana band will bring their live show to Rhythm & Brews in downtown Chattanooga on Tuesday, Oct. 25.


Truth & Salvage Co.

Released 2010

  • Call Back
  • Heart Like a Wheel
  • Jump the Ship
  • Pure Mountain Angel

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