Chatter Sara Bareilles

Chatter Sara Bareilles

August 1st, 2013 by Scott Bruce in Chatter

Whether she is producing haunting piano ballads or infectious pop tunes, Sara Bareilles has found her niche in popular music and continues to write signature songs that keep her toward the top of the charts. Bareilles has crafted a special formula that keeps her music adored by a younger audience while also being admired by a more sophisticated music lover.

Her success however did not blossom overnight. Born and raised in Eureka, California, Bareilles seemed to always have her sights on a music career, even at an early age. While in high school, she performed in the school choir and participated in the local community musical theater productions. She even kept the pattern alive by joining an a cappella group while attending college at UCLA.

After college, Bareilles did not give up on her dream of further pursuing her music career. She began playing in small venues around California, working to build a following with her original material. After self-releasing her debut album, she shopped labels in order to get back into the studio and release her next album. She ultimately signed with Epic Records to release her first major album, Little Voice. On this album, she re-recorded some of her fan favorites from her first album, but got the most attention for the catchy pop tune, Love Song, which quickly shot her career to the forefront.

Keeping busy over the past few years, Bareilles has toured with other popular artists such as Counting Crows and Maroon 5, performed on popular late night talk shows, released another successful album titled Kaleidoscope Heart and served a stint as a celebrity judge on the third season of The Sing-Off. Currently, she is celebrating the release of her third and very recent Epic Records release, The Blessed Unrest. After setting out on a major tour in support of her new masterpiece in late August, Bareilles will make an early stop in Chattanooga, as she will perform at Track 29 on Sunday, August 25.