Family Tradition

Family Tradition

The Acropolis Mediterranean Grill's Kyriakidis family has spent three decades investing in their family, community and business

December 18th, 2011 in Chattnow Dining

The Acropolis Mediterranean Grill is a family-run restaurant founded by Betty and Teddy Kyriakidis, who have spent last three decades investing in their family, community and business.

"We came to Chattanooga 30 years ago and we raised our kids here and they all live here now," says Betty Kyriakidis, who still owns and operates the restaurant with her husband, Teddy Sr. "They are giving back to the community themselves now. One son serving his country, one son with Niko's downtown, one son helping us here and our daughter who works for the Salvation Army."

Cookie assortment

Teddy Kyriakidis started his first business, Little Athens, in East Ridge where the family created a following for fresh Mediterranean cuisine. Then, Betty says, the family opened The Acropolis near Hamilton Place, where they have spent 16 years preparing their famous recipes from moussaka and stuffed eggplant to strawberry patch cake.

"Teddy has had a lot of health issues, but still comes in occasionally and will sit and talk to customers," Betty Kyriakidis says. "We always like people to know we appreciate them and we consider them family. We have people who come in who I used to carry around in my arms when they were babies and now they come here with their kids."

Chocolate Lover's Cake.

In an effort to welcome their extended family to enjoy the holidays with fromscratch recipes at The Acropolis, the Kyriakidis family is offering special surprises for the holidays. Currently, guests are invited to purchase a $25 gift certificate and be entered in a raffle, which will award 15 guests with a variety of gift cards ranging from $5 to $25. For every $50 gift card purchased, guests will receive an additional $5 and a chance to enter the raffle.

Through the holidays, the restaurant hosts a coloring contest for children, with the contestants' pieces hanging in the lobby for viewing. At the end of the holidays, the winners are chosen and presented with gifts such as the restaurant's baklava cookies.

Hummingbird Cake

The Acropolis is still accepting last-minute reservations for both in-house gatherings and off-site catering events for the holidays. The restaurant can do anything from a work luncheon to a full-course buffet for a family gathering and everything in between. The Acropolis can also help guests who are preparing the main entrée themselves, but who wish to save a little time by ordering delicious sides or desserts to accent the meal.

For New Year's Eve, The Acropolis will prepare traditional sweet Greek bread for each table. Betty Kyriakidis says each loaf is baked with a special lucky coin inside.

LOCATION: 2213 Hamilton Place Blvd.

HOURS: Sunday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

PHONE: 899-5341.