"The Tennessee Tramp" Janet Williams At The Comedy Catch

"The Tennessee Tramp" Janet Williams At The Comedy Catch

February 27th, 2013 by Staff Report in Chattnow Outabout

The Comedy Catch and Giggles Grill, Chattanooga's most fun night for over 27 years welcomes The Tennessee Tramp a local favorite here in Chattanooga.

Janet doesn't hold anything back about her views on marriage, divorce, men, and women. She takes her comedy to the edge and over the top.

She's not just the Tennessee Tramp, she's a favorite of the Troops. She has traveled to Japan, Korea, Germany and several other countries that will never be the same. Janet has performed all over the world, but she will always be our hometown favorite. You don't want to miss her she's been watching the news, and trash TV and has lots to say about it.

If you are squeamish she's not your gal, but if you like it over the top you'll love her as we all do.