Councilwoman Ladd lays out plans for Hixson

Councilwoman Ladd lays out plans for Hixson

June 15th, 2011 by Katie Ward in Community Hixson

Friends of Hixson board members David Queen, Gene Huffine, Everett Fairchild and Marv Martin, from left, attend a Friends of Hixson meeting June 9. Photo by Katie Ward

Friends of Hixson board members David Queen, Gene...

City Councilwoman Pam Ladd felt right at home speaking to the Friends of Hixson June 9 at the North River Civic Center.

"Everett Fairchild was my principal," said Ladd, a native of Hixson. "I visit a lot of other districts, but they don't have the core group to work with like I do. You bring us visions easy to act on."

She said plans are still in the works to turn the former Hixson Middle School into a community recreation center.

"We have budgeted for three full-time staff to work in the old Hixson Middle School in the next fiscal year," said Ladd. "We hired an architect that's going to make the center quite spectacular. We will demolish the part of the building we can't salvage and parking will go in. It looks like this fiscal year that work will begin at the site."

She said the city of Chattanooga plans to work closely with Hixson Youth Athletic Association on the recreation center project.

Ladd said the city of Chattanooga also plans to repair two roads in Hixson as funding becomes available.

"Hamill Road is No. 1 on the critical road list project, if we get the funding approved," she said. "Hamill Road is sliding into the creek. The only thing holding the road together is the sewer running down the middle. That road will have to be a total renovation."

Ladd said she anticipates the city of Chattanooga will have to buy property to fix it.

"Lakeshore Drive in Hixson is No. 3 on the critical road list," she said.

Hixson residents asked Ladd if the city plans to fix flooding issues in Valleybrook.

"Valleybrook is scheduled to be done in this fiscal year," she said. "We can do a few changes on the public road easement to help relieve some of the water from backing up."

Hixson residents also asked Ladd what is being done to stop an increasing graffiti problem in the community.

"The graffiti is sad to see in Hixson," said Ladd. "The police are aware of it and making trips here. Maybe if we get activities going in a recreation center, we can redirect that energy [into something positive.]"

Hixson Utility District General Manager Gene Huffine said some district pumping stations have been tagged. He said Chattanooga police agreed to increase patrols at the stations.