Memorial Hospital Hixson expanding with new name

Memorial Hospital Hixson expanding with new name

November 2nd, 2011 by Emily Crisman in Community Hixson

Memorial Health Care System recently changed the name of Memorial North Park to Memorial Hixson, which will undergo an $18 million expansion in the next few years. Photo by Emily Crisman

Memorial Health Care System recently changed the name...

An $18 million expansion is planned for Memorial Hospital Hixson, which will be undergoing many changes aside from its new name.

"You don't have to leave the community to get the health care you need," said Deb Moore, senior vice president and administrator for Memorial Hospital Hixson, at a recent meeting of the Hixson Chamber Council. "We're a full-service community hospital where you can come, get in and out and get the care you need."

Previously Memorial North Park, Moore said the name was changed in August after a marketing study revealed a change in the community.

"Young people don't know what North Park is," said Moore, referring to the hospital's name until 1998, when it became the second hospital in the Memorial Health Care System. "Now folks know we have a hospital in Hixson."

She said Memorial Hospital Hixson has already undergone several improvements in recent years, including a renovation of the surgeons' lounge in 2009 and lab renovation in 2010.

The building is due for a central utility upgrade in 2012. Other projects at the top of the hospital's agenda include adding additional parking, three more elevators and new imaging technology, said Moore.

By the end of 2014, the hospital plans to replace its intensive care unit and increase the number of ICU beds from eight to 10, as well as renovate the endoscopy unit, radiology space and emergency department, where the number of beds will jump from 13 to 17. Also planned is a partial renovation of one of the nursing units and the addition of an extra lab for the endoscopy unit for a total of three, according to Memorial spokesperson Brian Lazenby.

Memorial Hospital Hixson is at 2051 Hamill Road and can be reached at 495-7100.