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The Chef and his Wife expands with experience

Published Jan. 15 2017

The first time I visited The Chef and his Wife was in 2014. Back then, the business was principally a...

Catch Bar & Grill always fresh, never 'cheesy'

Published Jan. 15 2017

The beauty of specializing in fresh seafood, said Catch Bar & Grill owner and executive chef Michael Poore, is that...

Kobe keeps it hot as the weather cools

Published Jan. 15 2017

On a blustery afternoon, Kobe Hibachi is a hot place to be. From my four-top table in the sushi section,...


Countryside Cafe: Good Mood Food

Published Jan. 15 2017

Stay strong on your resolution to eat healthy by ordering one of Countryside Café's vegetable plates, which let you choose...

Fiamma's New Year game is strong

Published Jan. 8 2017

Fiamma Pizza Company is settling into 2017, and general manager Brion Voges says he feels great about the eatery's first...

Fall in love with Cookie Jar Cafe

Published Jan. 8 2017

Cookie Jar Caféhas lots of love to give. The place is as full of heart as its triple-layered German chocolate...

Kick off your meal authentic-style at Kobe

Published Jan. 8 2017

Kobe's pan-fried dumplings, or 'gyoza' are an ideal way to kick off your authentic Asian meal. Pork or vegetarian gyoza...

Countryside Cafe deserves its many accolades

Published Jan. 8 2017

On a cold, gray afternoon, nothing tastes better than a hot-from-the-stove cup of vegetable soup. This was my revelation during...

El Meson is big on bowl season

Published Jan. 1 2017

According to Tony Ruiz, menudo, which is a traditional Mexican soup, is famous for its ability to cure hangovers —...

Einstein: Bagels no longer just a breakfast food

Published Jan. 1 2017

Across one of Einstein Bros. Bagels' counters, there was a stack of baker's dozen cardboard boxes. "JOLLYVILLE," each of the...

Diamond Billiard Club: Raising the Bar on Sports-Bar Fare

Published Jan. 1 2017

At Diamond Billiard Club, the clack of pool balls helped ring in 2017. But pool games and cold beer aside,...

1885's salmon starts the year off right

Published Jan. 1 2017

What better way to start your new year than with 1885's 6-ounce grilled salmon — tender, flavorful and topped with...

Create a delicious one-pot meal for a crowd

Published Jan. 1 2017

Warm, hearty meals, including stews, casseroles, soups, and chilis, make for great comfort foods when temperatures drop.

Track's End: Get it while it's hot

Published Dec. 25 2016

"You just missed the lunch rush," said Track's End lead server Paula, as I slid into one of its window...

Five Guys keeps menu simple, focuses on service

Published Dec. 25 2016

"Ninety-nine percent of people know about our food," said local Five Guys co-owner Jim Richards. "Today, I want to focus...

Dari Dip is more than ice cream

Published Dec. 25 2016

From the enormous ice cream cone affixed to the side of its building to its name, Dari Dip screams ice...

Cookie Jar Cafe: Meatloaf and merry-making

Published Dec. 25 2016

Nothing says 'happy holidays' like the rich spices and warm aroma of Cookie Jar Cafe's grilled meatloaf platter. Served with...

Toscano celebrates another big year

Published Dec. 15 2016

Toscano is ending 2016 on a strong note: It's got a fresh look, new recipes and a monthlong deal, to...

Escape from the holiday hustle with Nooga-Q

Published Dec. 15 2016

It is the busiest time of the year for the crew at Nooga-Q Smokehouse & Grille.

A 'mashing' success

Published Dec. 15 2016

Let's talk about holiday food trends. For example, mashups, or the coming-together of two or more classic recipes. The most...

Indulge this season at Portofino's

Published Dec. 15 2016

A dreamy entrée for the seafood-minded, Portofino's grouper Florentine features oven-broiled fish, topped with rich and creamy Florentine sauce and...

Recipe: Salted Caramel Egg Nog

Published Dec. 15 2016

What you need:

Catch Bar & Grill releases new cold-weather menu

Published Dec. 8 2016

By the time you read this, it will be too late to buy tickets to Catch Bar & Grill's most...