The man with the power in Dalton

Published Feb. 1 2017

Tom Bundros was working in Atlanta for Georgia Power and the Southern Co. two decades ago when he got a...

Five career resolutions to boost your job satisfaction in 2017

Published Feb. 1 2017

Here's what you should try to do this year to better your skills and market appeal.

Asa Swift, 25, heads up three new I Love Juice Bars in Chattanooga

Published Feb. 1 2017

Asa Swift is a 25-year-old account executive at Dixie Produce, a huge, fruit- and vegetable-filled refrigerated warehouse in downtown Chattanooga,...

President-elect of young professionals group helps high-schoolers get business internships

Published Jan. 1 2017

Here in Chattanooga, another president-elect wants his organization to have a new focus: to help high school students land internships...

Chattanooga landscapers return home to reshape the Scenic City

Published Jan. 1 2017

What's better than being raised in Chattanooga? It's the decision to call it home and to return there to help...

Southside to get hip new Moxy Hotel

Published Jan. 1 2017

Desai recently announced that he plans to build a new, four-story 102-room Moxy Hotel on a former city parking lot...

Höferle: Cultural competence matters for 'glocal' business

Published Jan. 1 2017

During the past decade, the Tennessee Valley has had to learn how to go 'glocal' in a hurry.

Millennial duo attempting to create the Scenic City's 'Uber of local culture'

Published Nov. 1 2016

In 2015, Hamilton County's tourism industry raked in a record $1 billion, and more than 2.2 million nights worth of...

'Smart speakers' are angling to colonize your living room

Published Nov. 1 2016

Does your home really need a 'smart speaker' that can answer questions, call you an Uber, turn off the lights...

Bellhops, a startup company in Warehouse Row, keeps co-founder hopping

Published Oct. 1 2016

Cameron 'Cam' Doody first got the idea to start a moving business as an Auburn University student when he and...

Rains: The true cost of a workers' compensation claim and how to lessen it

Published Oct. 1 2016

Business owners know that workers' compensation insurance is a must — especially in high-risk industries such as those involving manual...

Morgan Brothers build business on Integrity

Published Oct. 1 2016

Every business needs a North Star: a clear mission statement that keeps things pointed in the right direction.

Building steam with international freight forwarding

Published Oct. 1 2016

In only a dozens years, Access America Transport grew from its Chattanooga start in 2002 to a $600 million-a-year logistics...

Who is on the move in Chattanooga?

Published Sep. 1 2016

Becky Lockwood is the residential managing broker of Legacy Real Estate & Development, LLC. Lockwood will operate out of Legacy's...

Young Professionals Association of Chattanooga After Hours at Regan's Place [photo gallery]

Published Sep. 1 2016

Members of The Young Professionals Association of Chattanooga gathered in August at Regan's Place on the Southside for its monthly...

Marketer for new Chattanooga micro-apartments has traveled the world by train

Published Aug. 1 2016

Stephanie Hays is the person to talk to if you want to live in the Tomorrow Building, a four-story, 19th...

Chattanooga engineering firm adds principals

Published Aug. 1 2016

Over the past three and a half decades, the Chattanooga engineering firm March Adams and Associates Inc., has put its...

David Stone has tended one of America's best golf courses for more than 30 years

Published Aug. 1 2016

David Stone's first day The Honors Course was Nov. 1, 1982.

Two of the area's most successful sales professionals share their secrets

Published Aug. 1 2016

What makes a great sales professional?

Stratton Tingle's SoundCorps pays musicians to play on Chattanooga's streets

Published Jul. 1 2016

You can thank Stratton Tingle if you've noticed — and enjoyed — seeing more musicians than ever play on downtown...

Here's a cost-benefit analysis of the four most important legal documents everyone should have

Published Jul. 1 2016

A frequent concern people have when they begin to build careers, start families, and think about retiring one day, is...


When a career switch to a different industry works for employer and employee

Published Jun. 1 2016

Switching industries can open the door to new opportunities, and many mid-career professionals consider it at some point, either through...

Building trust: Knoxville-based Trust Company expands Chattanooga operations

Published May. 1 2016

In the past couple of years, a half dozen commercial banks headquartered elsewhere in Tennessee or neighboring Georgia and Mississippi...