Southside to get hip new Moxy Hotel

Published Jan. 1 2017

Desai recently announced that he plans to build a new, four-story 102-room Moxy Hotel on a former city parking lot...

President-elect of young professionals group helps high-schoolers get business internships

Published Jan. 1 2017

Here in Chattanooga, another president-elect wants his organization to have a new focus: to help high school students land internships...

Chattanooga landscapers return home to reshape the Scenic City

Published Jan. 1 2017

What's better than being raised in Chattanooga? It's the decision to call it home and to return there to help...

Höferle: Cultural competence matters for 'glocal' business

Published Jan. 1 2017

During the past decade, the Tennessee Valley has had to learn how to go 'glocal' in a hurry.

Millennial duo attempting to create the Scenic City's 'Uber of local culture'

Published Nov. 1 2016

In 2015, Hamilton County's tourism industry raked in a record $1 billion, and more than 2.2 million nights worth of...

'Smart speakers' are angling to colonize your living room

Published Nov. 1 2016

Does your home really need a 'smart speaker' that can answer questions, call you an Uber, turn off the lights...

Bellhops, a startup company in Warehouse Row, keeps co-founder hopping

Published Oct. 1 2016

Cameron 'Cam' Doody first got the idea to start a moving business as an Auburn University student when he and...

Morgan Brothers build business on Integrity

Published Oct. 1 2016

Every business needs a North Star: a clear mission statement that keeps things pointed in the right direction.

Building steam with international freight forwarding

Published Oct. 1 2016

In only a dozens years, Access America Transport grew from its Chattanooga start in 2002 to a $600 million-a-year logistics...

Rains: The true cost of a workers' compensation claim and how to lessen it

Published Oct. 1 2016

Business owners know that workers' compensation insurance is a must — especially in high-risk industries such as those involving manual...

Who is on the move in Chattanooga?

Published Sep. 1 2016

Becky Lockwood is the residential managing broker of Legacy Real Estate & Development, LLC. Lockwood will operate out of Legacy's...

Young Professionals Association of Chattanooga After Hours at Regan's Place [photo gallery]

Published Sep. 1 2016

Members of The Young Professionals Association of Chattanooga gathered in August at Regan's Place on the Southside for its monthly...


Marketer for new Chattanooga micro-apartments has traveled the world by train

Published Aug. 1 2016

Stephanie Hays is the person to talk to if you want to live in the Tomorrow Building, a four-story, 19th...

David Stone has tended one of America's best golf courses for more than 30 years

Published Aug. 1 2016

David Stone's first day The Honors Course was Nov. 1, 1982.

Two of the area's most successful sales professionals share their secrets

Published Aug. 1 2016

What makes a great sales professional?

Chattanooga engineering firm adds principals

Published Aug. 1 2016

Over the past three and a half decades, the Chattanooga engineering firm March Adams and Associates Inc., has put its...

Stratton Tingle's SoundCorps pays musicians to play on Chattanooga's streets

Published Jul. 1 2016

You can thank Stratton Tingle if you've noticed — and enjoyed — seeing more musicians than ever play on downtown...

Here's a cost-benefit analysis of the four most important legal documents everyone should have

Published Jul. 1 2016

A frequent concern people have when they begin to build careers, start families, and think about retiring one day, is...

When a career switch to a different industry works for employer and employee

Published Jun. 1 2016

Switching industries can open the door to new opportunities, and many mid-career professionals consider it at some point, either through...

Building trust: Knoxville-based Trust Company expands Chattanooga operations

Published May. 1 2016

In the past couple of years, a half dozen commercial banks headquartered elsewhere in Tennessee or neighboring Georgia and Mississippi...

McCormick: Deferred compensation offers flexibility to solve special needs

Published May. 1 2016

With a focus on retaining key people in an organization and recruiting more experienced executives, non-profits and businesses might consider...

Family law attorney Corrin Fulton was first in family to finish college

Published Apr. 1 2016

Everyone's heard of prenuptial agreements.

Top Tips for Launching a Business

Published Mar. 1 2016

The prospect of launching a business is thrilling but also stressful. The stress comes in part from entering the unknown....