Interested in big? Cleveland distribution center serves GE Lighting

Published Mar. 1 2017

If you're interested in big, the General Electric Co. distribution facility in Cleveland, Tennessee, might be for you.

McLeod: Three questions you should ask before the door closes

Published Mar. 1 2017

There it is, the resignation letter. You've spent time hiring, training, and getting this employee up to speed, and now...

Chattanooga business among top clinical test facilities for new medicines

Published Mar. 1 2017

Dr. Krause retired from his own medical practice more than a decade ago, but the drug trial and testing business...

How it's made: Blue Indian Kombucha

Published Mar. 1 2017

A husband and wife make the tangy, fizzy fermented tea that's touted for its health benefits at their business, Blue...

Value of construction started last year in Chattanooga topped $253 million

Published Mar. 1 2017

The value of new construction begun in Chattanooga last year rose by more than 26 percent.

Morning Pointe founders learn from previous generation to build major regional chain of assisted living centers

Published Mar. 1 2017

As America's first 'Gig city,' Chattanooga has begun building a web- and tech-based entrepreneurial economy in the Innovation District created...

Passion for climbing compels duo to open two award-winning attractions for Southside

Published Feb. 1 2017

Over the past six years, Max Poppel and Dan Rose have helped transform Chattanooga's Southside with a pair of signature...

Catering full-time has advantages over running a restaurant, local caterers say

Published Feb. 1 2017

It's been said that running a restaurant is like putting on a concert every night — except restaurant owners don't...

Flexible space is the goal for Broad Street building

Published Feb. 1 2017

Flexibility is the word for a downtown Chattanooga office building that's for sale near the waterfront.

Web vs. human: The difference between easy and special

Published Feb. 1 2017

A friend of mine recently bought a car without ever stepping into the dealership. It's being delivered to his door....

Chattanooga couple living in L.A. launch line of southern-inspired premade cocktails

Published Jan. 1 2017

Husband-and-wife Carter Hudlow and Emily Spurling hope that Pure Southern, their new line of all-natural, southern-inspired, ready-to-drink cocktails will help...

Dynamo accelerator, venture fund brings Lamp Post Group back to its trucking industry roots

Published Nov. 1 2016

The Lamp Post Group's founders went back to their roots when they launched the Dynamo Accelerator, a three-month program that...


McLeod: Winners can be surprised, but losers shouldn't be

Published Nov. 1 2016

Have you ever faced public humiliation?

Networking: Champions of Health Care honored [photos]

Published Nov. 1 2016

Champions of Health Care honored

Century-old Chattanooga building looking for new owner

Published Nov. 1 2016

A 106-year-old downtown Chattanooga building is looking for a new owner and could hold another use amid a flurry of...

Is it coaching or a critique? Perspective changes everything

Published Oct. 1 2016

How do you respond when someone offers you a suggestion?

New All City Barber Co. on Southside is unisex, but caters to men, offers shaves

Published Sep. 1 2016

Step into the newest barbershop in Chattanooga's hip Southside neighborhood and you can get a haircut, a shave with a...

Atrium Surgical Center is on the market with medical offices and more

Published Sep. 1 2016

The Atrium Surgical Center is on the market, with sellers saying it has 'a superior location' in East Brainerd.

Are you telling a money story or a meaning story?

Published Aug. 1 2016

What's the purpose of your job? It's the question that determines how you perceive your work, and, in many cases,...

Cleveland trucking start-up experiencing big early success

Published Aug. 1 2016

AmTrans USA, a Cleveland-based full-service trucking and logistics company, which is anticipating $18 million in sales this year, after less...

Chattanooga embraces the Uber for food

Published Aug. 1 2016

Shipt is a grocery service app that connects delivery drivers with shoppers.

After heartbreaking losses, pilot turned entrepreneur taps growing craft market in Chattanooga

Published Jul. 1 2016

In 2011, when the craft movement for distilleries was well into its upswing, Keith McConnell, a commercial airline pilot, wanted...

Making science, math fun and purposeful for middle schoolers

Published Jul. 1 2016

From helping an injured dolphin tswim again to building an orphanage damaged in the Haiti earthquake, middle school students using...