Ice cream parlor a good show

Ice cream parlor a good show

June 2nd, 2009 by Anne Braly and Holly Leber in Entertainmentfood

HOLLY LEBER: We took this month's Out to Lunch out for dessert and visited the Ice Cream Show by the Walnut Street Bridge. After all, summer is the time to stroll with a cone, and this ice cream cafe couldn't be in a better location.

The Show (that's what I'm calling it) is tasty and creative. Customers choose from chocolate or vanilla Mayfield ice cream or yogurt, then select from a list of 40 mix-ins. The customized combos are put in a machine, churned and swirled soft-serve style. The specialized flavors can be served in a homemade waffle cone or bowl.

ANNE BRALY: It really was a treat. It's just amazing how the south end of the bridge has developed. I remember ... oh well, suffice it to say I've been a Chattanoogan all my life and without showing my age, yes, people did once drive across it. Lest I digress, we're talking about the Ice Cream Show, and what a show it is. I really like being able to walk in and customize my own cone, vanilla yogurt with fresh peaches and almonds. They put it through a machine that chops up the ingredients and swirls them into the ice cream, then it comes out sort of like soft-serve ice cream of yore. You can have it in a cup or waffle cone. I chose the cone. Next time I'll go with the cup. The cone was average at best. The ice cream was excellent.

HOLLY: Here's my one tiny complaint. My order was a bit messed up. I asked for vanilla yogurt mixed with peanut butter, pretzels and dark chocolate. I got it one-third off: almonds instead of peanut butter. But I take some blame as I was firing off questions at the woman behind the counter. Anyway, it was still very good. I love the opportunity to try out new combinations, so this place is just my cup of tea. Of course, at $3 for plain ice cream, 49 cents per topping and 89 cents for a cone, the Show isn't cheap on cash or calories. It's a definite once-in-a-while treat, a good place to take a visitor. I'll take my father this summer if he comes to visit - how does chocolate yogurt with coffee, raspberries and almonds sound?

ANNE: Oh, here's my next combination: vanilla yogurt with cheesecake and cherries. Or maybe chocolate with cherries and almonds. The possibilities are nearly endless. And one other bonus of this place is its proximity to the walking bridge. I really enjoyed walking across the river while munching on my ice cream cone. It's a kind of old-fashioned fun we all need every once in a while.