Bonnaroo recycling builds

Bonnaroo recycling builds

June 20th, 2009 by Cliff Hightower in Fyi Bonnaroo 2009

Staff Photo by Allison Kwesell Martin Smith, the recycling education coordinator for Orange Grove Recycling Center, walks past piles of recycleable goods dropped off at the plant from Bonaroo. Mr. Smith says they are expecting 20-25 trailer loads with 42,000 to 46,000 lbs. each.

Staff Photo by Allison Kwesell Martin Smith, the recycling...


Over the years, the amount of recycling from Bonnaroo has been up and down at Orange Grove Recyling Center.

* 2004: 41.22 tons

* 2005: 28.23 tons

* 2006: 45.48 tons

* 2007: No records

* 2008: 43.16 tons

Source: Orange Grove Recycling Center

A 12-foot-high, 30-foot-wide swath of recycling sits at the John F. Germ Recycling Center waiting to be sorted, and every day it gets bigger and bigger.

"They're bringing in two truckloads a day," said Martin Smith, recycling education coordinator for the Orange Grove Center. "The driver said there's probably 20 more loads, and he's already brought in seven."

The recycling comes from the Bonnaroo music festival, which concluded last week. Orange Grove Center has a contract to take all the recycling products from Clean Vibes, a Marion, N.C.-based company that contracts with Bonnaroo to provide waste and recycling services.

Mr. Smith said when people attend the festival they are handed two bags -- one for trash and another for recycling. Beside each trash can also is a recycling can, officials said.

Anna Borofsky, owner of Clean Vibes, said she does not foresee 20 more loads. She expects about six more. That still will be a lot more than the 43 tons of recycling the center saw last year.

"We're looking at the 65 or 70 (tons) range," she said.

In comparison, Riverbend brought in 6.6 tons of recycling, officials said.

The reason behind the increase is that this year the company did not take some of the recycling to a local provider and is using Orange Grove almost entirely, Ms. Borofsky said.

Mr. Smith said workers have not yet begun to sort through the Bonnaroo recycling. Once they do, they will devote an entire line to handling it, he said.

"It looks like there's a lot of it," said Case White, assistant support manager on the sorting line. "I'm almost wishing we had two lines for Bonnaroo."