Lookout Mountain, Ga.

Lookout Mountain, Ga.

March 27th, 2014 in Fyi2014

Location: On the eastern tip of Lookout Mountain, just west of downtown Chattanooga.

Size: Lookout Mountain is a nearly 100-mile-long extension of the Cumberland Plateau, south of the Tennessee River. The town of Lookout Mountain, Ga., adjoins the town of Lookout Mountain, Tenn., just across the state line.

Population: 1,896

Date founded: 1969

Government: Alexander "Sandy" Gothard is mayor. The Lookout Mountain is a council-manager form of local government.

School: Fairyland Elementary

Median household income: $99,423

Landmarks: Rock City, with its view of seven states

Best-kept secret: The Allman Brothers recorded their 1980 album "Angeline" at a recording studio in Lookout Mountain.

Fun fact: 75.6 percent of adults have a bachelor's degree or more, compared with a 23.3 percent for the rest of the Chattanooga metro area.

Most famous resident: Joe McGinness, a two-time winner of the Boston Marathon (1978, 1979) in his age group, 60-plus, and a founding member of the Chattanooga Track Club. He also was one of the town's early mayors.

"It has a beautiful scenic view for one thing, and it's somewhere where kids still walk to school and walk back home." -- Todd Gann, police and fire chief