Fort Oglethorpe: Grant sought for police

Fort Oglethorpe: Grant sought for police

April 14th, 2009 by Beverly Carroll in Georgia

Fort Oglethorpe City Council members on Monday agreed to apply for a $25,000 grant to buy mobile radios for patrol cars, approved a $19,000 payment to Arcadis Engineering for the West Chickamauga interceptor and raised rates to rent the city swimming pool.

"We want to buy mobile radios for 10 cars," Police Chief David Eubanks said. "If our officers are in pursuit and have to talk on the radio, they have shoulder mikes they have to key and turn their mouth toward and talk, taking their attention away from what they are doing. This would eliminate that problem."

The cost to equip 10 patrol cars is $33,628. Chief Eubanks said he would use money from confiscated funds for the difference.

Councilman Johnnie "Red" Smith said he supported equipping all of the department's 23 patrol cars. Mr. Smith, a retired police chief who was shot in the line of duty, said the equipment could mean life or death. "I'd hate to know I had to go a funeral for an officer who couldn't get back to the car," Mr. Smith said.

The Arcadis contract, approved unanimously, requires engineers to oversee the opening of bids for phase 2 of the West Chickamauga sewer project, which includes lines under Cloud Springs Road and service for Mitchell Acres. It includes closing the Mitchell Acres oxidation pond. The company won't be paid until the work is done, engineer Jimmy Hyma said.

Jeff Long, director of streets and recreation, recommended an increase in rates for renting the city's refurbished pool from $125 to $150 for parties. The regular rates of $4 per day will stay the same, he said.