Council agrees to study Fort Oglethorpe sign ordinance

Council agrees to study Fort Oglethorpe sign ordinance

February 24th, 2009 by Beverly Carroll in Georgia

Convenience store owner Jay Patel said the Fort Oglethorpe sign ordinance is making his business lose $300 a day.

"We need to see if we can come up with a better plan," Mr. Patel told Fort Oglethorpe council members Monday.

Mr. Patel said codes enforcement officials recently forced him to remove all the banners at his business, the Quick Mart on LaFayette Road. He said he since has seen similar signs up at other businesses.

Councilman Charles Sharrock said he was aware of the city's spotty enforcement, and he brought pictures of about 30 locations to City Manager Ron Goulart to investigate. The city has violated the ordinance by erecting banners in front of the administration building and letting the recreation department use banners to recruit members for youth sports, Mayor Ronnie Cobb said.

Mr. Goulart suggested that Mr. Sharrock and Mr. Cobb serve on a committee to review the signs. Mr. Cobb said he thinks the ordinance needs to be more user-friendly without cluttering up city streets.

Council members tabled a discussion about a concrete slab at Barnhardt Circle, the subject of a lawsuit brought by a resident. The lawsuit claims the site used for the game of cricket violates the deed that gave the city ownership of the Polo Field inside the circle.

"I think we can reach a solution," Councilman Harold Silcox said. "I think we can find something that works for everybody."